GECOM must act decisively on Lowenfield et al

Dear Editor,
I am a son of this soil and a tax paying Guyanese who keeps abreast with the political, economic and social developments in this country.
And we are almost a year into the PPP’s term in office, and there is one question for which I am dying to know thye answer: Why are Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, Deputy CEO Roxanne Myers and the embattled Region 4 Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo still on the job or employed by GECOM? And why is it “okay” with the powers that be at GECOM to have this state-of-affairs continue into oblivion? These officials cost us many sleepless nights and delayed our elections’ results, and tried to derail our democracy. These individuals preyed on our innocence and the fact that we put our collective trust in GECOM to get the results right the first time and declare them.
Is it a hard task to dismiss or fire them? Is it not wise to point out all the breaches which they committed and severe ties with them? Help me to understand how these individuals are able to hold our electoral system to ransom and keep us in political gridlock.
Well, GECOM will have to find a way out of the hole that it is in, so that we can hold our Local Government Elections and General Elections too. I don’t think the PPP would go to another election with those persons at the helm, regardless of what GECOM or APNU+AFC says.
I don’t think the people of this country would stand for it!
I want to urge the Commission and the Secretariat to part ways with these individuals who caused the people to think “Guyana is not a real place or country” because of how it is handling these crimes.
Do it for the good of our democracy; do it for Guyana’s independence.

Attiya Baksh