Give Police Officers their dues

Dear Editor,
Over the years, there have been numerous complaints against Police. As a result, the public has developed a negative attitude against everyone within the force and unless a favour is needed, they are being avoided at all cost.
Whilst some could be seen giving the Police Force a bad name whilst performing their duties, recently, videos have been surfacing of Police showing their politeness/courtesy whilst performing their duties, which is very commendable and proves that not all members of the Force should be judged wrongfully.
Although a Police salary is not expected, they always leave their homes to risk their lives to protect us and many, along the line, stray away. I would only assume that the stress from the work affects a few tremendously, and some years back, I penned a letter requesting that they get a psychological session on a regular basis.
Editor, over the years, I’ve been in numerous incidents that involve Police, and along the line, I’ve met with numerous Policemen/women and had interactions with them. Despite the public perception of them, I was amazed at the cooperation I’ve received from some of them.
Notable names are ASP Johnson, Constable McIntyre, and Constable Lewis, whom I had met on different occasions. Police do their work and many expect rewards, either monetary or by promotion and sadly, I’ve seen many remain constables until retirement.
Johnson is one who does not take any nonsense from junior ranks and if you’re not satisfied with the way your matter is being handled, pay him a visit and he will personally deal with your matter or ensure its properly dealt with.
There’s a rumour that he causes some to be dismissed for their actions towards work but I never verified that. McIntyre was a constable until he reached retirement and knowing him, I find a great injustice has been done against him.
Many people who interact with him whilst in custody would testify. He would go to the holding area/cell/lock up and question their presence. Based on nature, he would always advise them on way of life, give examples of his and even beg for some release. Should anyone need anything, he would go personally and buy for them, sometimes putting his own money. Police would verify that he always has pens to lend or give others or would be writing statements for others, etc.
He would even advise others on courses of actions to take, even seniors. After some thirty-odd years, he retired as a constable. I was also privileged to meet Constable Lewis at Leonora Police Station and I found him to be very courteous, helpful and always bright. Years after, I saw him as a constable still, but in the Traffic Department. Travelling with a friend one day, I saw him at Vreed-en-Hoop directing traffic and I mentioned him to my friend who doesn’t like him because he refuses to take a bribe to allow a matter to slide and someone else did.
Even though I’ve never had the excuse to reach that extent, I’ve always admired the way he performs his duties. Like them, there are many others who are similar and you would see corrupt persons being promoted. I know of officers who are dedicated to their duties become frustrated and resign.
The corrupted ones seem to be getting all the recognition/promotion. One such was mentioned in numerous incidents including shooting a fellow officer, involved in licence scam and today, he’s the 2nd in command at Linden. Now, I am wondering what sort of method is being used for promotion and if those responsible for the promotion or recommending promotion are being bribed.
For too long, decent officers are being side-lined and it’s time members of the public have a say of some sort in the method being used for promotion to be reviewed.

Sahadeo Bates