Giving back to the community this Christmas

Dear Editor,

As we settle into our new norm after the infamous budget, it’s now time to start thinking about the holidays, which is to say primarily the mainstream holiday of Christmas.

I myself am a celebrator and enjoyer of Christmas. I love the lights and the songs and the whole bit. But I am a little hesitant this year to partake in all the activities which make the season special and meaningful to me. One of the main activities that I encourage my friends and families to do is to give back to the community, to those in need.

Just as much as we all like to receive, it’s so much more important to give, especially during the holidays. The “most wonderful time of the year” however, is becoming increasingly less wonderful as it becomes clearer that perhaps I and my family may not be able to afford all the trappings that come with giving back. I was distressed after reviewing my budget to find that I may come up short. But then I had a thought. Why do I have to go it alone?

Here’s a great idea, what if we all banded together as a community and put the holidays back into perspective? Maybe I should not wallow in my self-pity and reach out to the community so that we can collaborate to make the holidays special for the less fortunate.

This holiday season, I encourage everyone to give back somehow. Whether it’s donating clothes or toys, feeding the homeless, or even offering love and support to those in need, I encourage you to do something. There’s really no feeling better than the feeling you get when you give someone something to be happy about during the holidays. I guarantee those people you help will never forget it, and neither will you.


Victor Ince