Good riddance, no love lost

Dear Editor,
The people of Guyana will no longer be seeing the infamous Joseph Harmon within the corridors of the National Assembly. This former Opposition Leader was a powerful figure in the failed coalition of convenience APNU/AFC. Over the past weekend, media reports have been circulated that Joseph Harmon, an Opposition Member of Parliament has resigned from the National Assembly, effective March 15, 2022
Under the David Granger-led administration, Mr. Harmon held several key positions, and was a Minister of State and probably the de facto President of Guyana. He was also one of the chief riggers who sought to thwart the will of the Guyanese people at the General and Regional Elections in March 2020; lest we forget.
Joseph Harmon, like his associated political faction the PNC/APNU/AFC, has been a colossal failure. His departure from the National Assembly is most welcome, as he has failed to contribute anything to the 12th Parliament. This former APNU Chairman was most unimpressive as a Parliamentarian, and even worse as a Minister.
It was only in January that Mr Harmon resigned as the Leader of the Opposition, after much public and internal pressure. It was over for Harmon since December 2021, after he lost a poorly contested People’s National Congress Reform election. This saw him being severely trashed by his opponent Aubrey Norton who won 70% of the votes. Mr. Harmon’s unpopularity is known even among his former party members and colleagues. He was appointed Leader of the Opposition by David Granger, another failure, when the APNU/AFC lost the 2020 General and Regional Elections to the People’s Progressive Party Civic.
Notwithstanding his defeat to Norton in 2021, Harmon attempted to play it out. This tactic was most unsuccessful, as the People’s National Congress Reform, who controls the political faction of A Partnership for National Unity & the Alliance for Change, demanded that their leader Aubrey Norton be the new Leader of the Opposition, and be allowed to enter Parliament. These demands were intensified with the resignation of former Minister of Education, Ms. Nicolette Henry.
Ms. Henry’s resignation from the National Assembly early in February this year was supposed to make way for Aubrey Norton to enter into Parliament. However, this resignation does not take effect until March 31st, 2022.
At this juncture, it is obvious that Norton’s political aspirations are being held hostage by David Granger; the Leader of the List and former President.
With the resignation of Mr Harmon, senior personnel within APNU, the Opposition coalition APNU/AFC (PNC) is now weaker than ever. This comes in the wake of several of their members resigning or moving away from the PNCR and the sham coalition APNU/AFC.
This further strengthens the theory held by many political commentators, that most of the APNU/AFC politicians were merely political opportunists who never cared for Guyana or the Guyanese people they purported to represent. These political hustlers were those on the frontline of the botched election attempt of 2020, plotted as early as 2017.
It would be a great justice to this nation if these political hustlers can be rounded up and dealt with in full accordance with the law. It is simply unfair to this nation, whose people work hard and pay their taxes, for the dishonest members and associates of the former Government to be allowed to ride off into the sunset with taxpayers’ money. This is unprincipled and unpardonable. The fact that so many of the former Ministers and members of the last administration and their political party are guilty of this criminality is just an insult to the honest, decent, and law-abiding citizens of this country.
What is even more incredulous is the manner in which they continue living life, as if nothing happened; and their supporters’ reactions when confronted with the facts of their misgivings. Some of these failures have opted to continue in their shenanigans. From the benches of the Opposition, their state of nothingness continues. Masquerading in all forms and fashion, the APNU/PNC/AFC politicians are trying to hoodwink the Guyanese people from the reality that now exists.
Guyana is unifying as we prepare for an economic transformation and world-class development of our country and our lives. The deception of the APNU/AFC must not be allowed to take root and hinder our progress on this road to prosperity. The atrocities that were committed by coalition cabal of political misfit during their tenure in office, and the subsequent period thereafter, must never be allowed to be forgotten or repeated.
Only today Raphael Trotman has resurfaced, after grossly mismanaging Guyana’s resources and interests in the Oil and Gas Sector. His poor management of the oil negotiations and his suspicious silence on this most pertinent issue has caused the owner and publisher of Kaieteur News to rant and rave every day to the effect that he has recently mounted a court challenge.
Joseph Harmon’s resignation is supposed to take effect on March 15, 2022. This he clarified yesterday, March 9, 2022. Aubrey Norton, as the potential Leader of the Opposition, is sure to welcome this. This is a result of the coalition having enough negative elements in its current construct. It is also due largely to the fact that, by his own track record, Joseph Harmon is inept. His failure as a politician, a Minister, a Member of Parliament, and as the former Leader of the Opposition is documented history. He and his party failed in their rigging attempt back in 2020, and then he failed to secure the leadership of the People’s National Congress Reform.

Nkosei Williams