Granger’s presidency must be seen for the abject failure it is

Dear Editor,
Kaieteur newspaper seems to be having some difficulty in accepting the realities of David Granger and his central role in the maladministration of our nation’s affairs. In an article appearing on February 16, entitled “Same story, different players!” the news outlet highlights the illogical juxtaposition of Government taking a loan of $121 million to bolster expertise in the Energy Department while simultaneously spending $1400 million on the construction of two schools “which also can be built for half of that sum”.
There is little doubt that the newspaper has the facts correct, but, inexplicably, they state “Granger and Jagdeo need to explain to the nation what is really happening in this country”.
Mr Jagdeo has been explaining exactly what has been happening in this country in great detail at his weekly press conferences. The list of patently corrupt and surreptitious acts by the Granger Administration has grown almost weekly; to list but a few of the notables requires indulgence of news editors who have grown weary of the litany; drug bond; mining concessions; family contracts; bridging deeds, poorly negotiated PSA et al. and of last week’s vintage, prime land allocations mere weeks before the General and Regional Elections.
Editor, no reputable company would be acquiring leases from a Government that has suffered a loss of legitimacy (at the most generous point) on September 19, 2019. It is not surprising that Marriott International Inc or any other international hotel chain has not made announcements of agreements for the branding or management of the latest ventures.
Reputable companies, managed by reputable people, seek reputable legal advice. Such advice would surely state that engaging an illegitimate Government for sale of land and granting of concessions weeks before the election would have a deleterious effect on reputation and future business dealings in Guyana.
The contrast in performance in constitutional offices by David Granger (President) and Bharrat Jagdeo (Leader of the Opposition) cannot be greater. Granger has opted for silence, with annual press conferences (with limited engagement) and a reliance on remarks on the sidelines of ceremonial events. It has been a presidency marked by pomposity.
On the other hand, Jagdeo has performed his duty as Leader of the Opposition in such exemplary fashion that even in the absence of parliamentary democracy; the Guyanese public has been kept abreast of the wanton use/abuse of its resources, and every conceivable issue that affects their daily lives and their short and long-term future.
However painful the truth about David Granger and his tenure as President may be to those who admire him personally, it (his presidency) must be seen for the abject failure it is. The Global Witness Report ‘Signed Away’ details the great loss of US$55 billion and the Clyde & Co investigation commissioned by David Granger confirms ineptitude and negligence that borders on criminal.
Thus, the hypocrisy of trying to associate Jagdeo with dubious Granger actions as outlined by Kaieteur News is an odious, shameless and (possible) subconscious cry for help. Those responsible for this article in the Kaieteur News need to look inward at their conscience for future guidance, should they need to look elsewhere, Matthew 7: 1-5 may be helpful.

Robin Singh