Groundbreaking surgeries conducted at GPHC

A team of skilled doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) performed several groundbreaking surgeries last week, according to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony on Monday.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

Dr Anthony stated that the undertaking of the surgeries is evidence of the transformational development taking place in the public health sector.
“It means that our doctors are highly trained, skilled professionals, and given the right environment, the opportunity to be able to do more of these types of surgeries and read with the investments that we’re making in the public health sector in terms of instruments, theatres, equipment, and other facilities, we will be able to do more of these surgeries, not just in Georgetown, but in some of the regional hospitals, as well. That’s our goal over the next couple of years.”
The surgeries performed were a Gallbladder Cancer Cholecystectomy, Hepatectomy; a Pheochromocytoma, Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy, the first Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy done in Guyana; and a Ruptured AAA, Emergency Graft Repair.
The Health Minister, on behalf of the Ministry expressed gratitude to the team of doctors and anaesthesiologists.
“I want to, on behalf of the Ministry, extend our congratulations to all the surgeons, the anaesthesiologists, the support staff who would have assisted in these very complicated operations and we look forward to them doing these types of operations more on a routine basis, as we see these types of patients but it just demonstrates that our doctors here, they have the capacity to do very complete, complicated surgeries and be successful. So, I want to thank them and congratulate them.”
Aside from investing in the country’s response to COVID-19, the Government continues to heavily advance the health sector to fulfil its manifesto promise of ensuring there is access to quality healthcare services across the country.