GTT activates 4G service

– over USM spent on upgrade from 2G

With the recent announcement by Ministry of Telecommunications giving the ‘go ahead’ for mobile providers to upgrade the internet service to 4G, GTT made no hesitation in implementing this.

Launching of the GTT 4G service in Guyana
Launching of the GTT 4G service in Guyana

On Monday, during the launching ceremony at the Fogarty’s branch store, GTT officially introduced 4G internet service which will replace the previous 2G coverage.
Speaking at the launching, chief commercial officer of GTT Gert Post related that the company has been, over the past months, anticipating the implementation of the upgraded service since it will improve Guyana’s communications with the rest of the world, even as telecommunications is advancing throughout the length and breadth of the globe.
He said the company is elated at improving internet service for its customers, which is in keeping with its mandate to “do more.”
With the introduction of the upgrade, Post explained that internet speeds will be 30 times faster than before, so subscribers with an active data plan can definitely surf, stream and download from the internet at a faster pace.
Access to the 4G service has a span of 85 per cent coverage of Guyana, according to Post, who disclosed that the company is working to have this extended so that every Guyanese who is a GTT subscriber can be able to take advantage of faster internet speed. Over the next two weeks, GTT will be looking to have full coverage.
Apart from the increased speed which is the primary objective of the upgrade, Post added that the company will be giving to its customers three times more data at the same rates which were applied under the 2G service. In addition, unused data will be rolled over to the next activated plan.
Post further went on to state that with the Golden Jubilee anniversary quickly approaching, and with the number of events that have been rolled out, the company will be making provision for 4G internet services at the various venues.
In this way persons will be able to share images and videos of the events which will put Guyana on the international stage.
Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of GTT Justin Nedd added that the company has invested over US$5 million to upgrade to 4G and an additional 30 to 40 million dollars to lay its fibre optic cable.
He related that the company has a vision of where it wants to see Guyana in terms of the improvement of telecommunications, noting that this prompted GTT’s decision to initiate the upgrade.
The company is urging its subscribers to opt in for one of the various plans, and experience the faster internet speed as they “do more.”