GTT launches Brava service following US$200M in upgrades over past decade

…customers can now top up using GBTI Online

…more new products to rolled out soon

Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) on Wednesday launched its BRAVA service, following US$200 Million worth of investments over the past decade spent in upgrading GTT that will now see the company extending its regional footprint and rolling out a suite of new services for Guyanese companies.
The launch of the BRAVA service took place on day three of the of the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo 2024. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Conor McGowan Smyth explained that GTT has made in excess of a US$200 Million investment in upgrading its systems, leading up to this launch.

From left; BRAVA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Conor McGowan Smyth, CEO of the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo Kurt Baboolall and Deputy CEO of GTT Richard Stanton

“So very simply, what BRAVA is. It’s a next generation solutions provider. So, over the last 10 years we’ve spent over US$200 Million on fibre investments and investments in our mobile network. And what BRAVA represents is the evolution of that and the services we want to provide over the top of that network,” the executive said.
“We have our connect and our synergy service, BRAVA connect is a suite of services that will be delivered over a fibre network and mobile network, that allow you very simple tools that enable your business. What our synergy portfolio is, it allows things like virtual meetings, email, unified collaboration services and now, as the business landscape evolves here in Guyana, we have BRAVA stronghold and BRAVA cloud.”
He further explained that cyber security and cloud solutions are also offered, tailored for Guyanese customers. He described BRAVA as a dedicated business arm with regional backing and went on to describe some of the services that will be launched.
“You’re going to see lots of new products being launched over the next five years. Starting on March 1st, we’re launching a new internet service. Security product. So, it’s just really exciting times. And I’m just excited over where this evolution is going to take us,” he added.
Meanwhile Richard Stanton, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GTT, meanwhile told those gathered of the company’s regional push that. He explained that they have the capabilities to provide services throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.
“A lot of the customers we have, have a regional presence. Up to last year, they were dealing with my colleagues in Bermuda, my colleagues in Cayman. What we’ve done now is built a business where you only need to speak to one set of people.”
“So, if you’ve got a pan Caribbean or pan American business now, there’s a company that can do everything for you. All in one place. SO that’s what we’ve done. Our customers told us last year, they found it confusing. They wanted us to make it simpler for them. So that is what Brava is.”
Only last week, the Telecoms giant had announced an increase in Fibre speed, ranging from 33 to 100 percent faster for all customers, and at no additional cost to any customer. This announcement was made by GTT Commercial Director of Home Solutions and Fixed Networks, George Scott, during a press conference.
Scott declared that, with immediate effect, customers on the home internet with 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps speeds would experience a 100 percent increase; and those on the 200 Mbps would receive 50 percent more speed, while customers within the 40 Mbps bracket would receive a 33 percent speed upgrade.
GTT has been the first network to introduce Fibre to Guyana with a promise of ensuring 75 percent of homes were covered by the end of 2025. A massive extension project commenced, and as of today, two in every three homes have access to high-speed Fibre networks.

Meanwhile, it was announced that GTT customers can now top up their prepaid accounts (phones) using GBTI Online. According to GBTI, the top up can be conveniently done through the Quick Top-Up feature on the GO banking App and online platform.
“Once you have a GBTI bank account, you can top up your prepaid account or pay your postpaid bill by logging in to the GO Banking website From the Menu, select Payment, Card and Bill Payments, “quick Top-Up,” then select GBTI GTT Top Up. Entering your phone number and the amount you wish to top up or pay.”
It was explained that other bill payment, credit card payments and transfers can now be done easily through GBTI’s GO Banking platform. The GBTI GO Banking app is accessible for corporate and retail users and can be downloaded from the google and apple stores. (G3)