Gun-related crimes at markets increased – Chief Constable

Criminal activities have been prevalent at marketplaces across Georgetown but most of these petty offences have now graduated to gun-related incidents.
Chief Constable Andrew Foo explained at a recent press conference that security has always been a concern and during the last few years, most of the persons committing unlawful acts are armed.
“Security is always a concern for the constabulary because we have a responsibility, we have a mandate in terms of providing security. Policing have to do with numbers. You have to be able to dominate the ground to deter persons from perpetrating offences…What we recognise is that over the last couple of years is that most of the incidents are committed by persons who are armed and more so gun-related in terms of robberies,” he said.
Foo added that there is always a need for patrols and solid presence from ranks because if not, criminal activities will spiral out of control. He established that while robberies and other offences are due to the economic activities at Stabroek and Bourda Markets, it is due to inadequate lighting.
“Outside of that, you have to have an established presence either in terms of uniformed ranks or ranks in plain clothes. Unless you have that, you will not [stop] the sort of activity that is happening. The fact is that area is a hub for economic activities and you have persons selling around the clock. If you look at that area, there is need for lighting,” the Chief Constable said.
Just recently, a couple of stalls were broken into at the Bourda Market and vendors heavily complained about their losses. However, he informed that those culpable individuals were apprehended and hauled before the court.
“A few weeks ago, we’ve had a few stalls that were broken. Fortunately, we were able to apprehend those persons and they are before the court. While we have a limited amount of strength, the strength that we have is in terms of presence.”
Last Thursday, a man was caught in the morning hours as he attempted to scale a gate at the Bourda Market. The suspect was spotted climbing over the structure by a rank on patrol and an alarm was raised.
However, as the man retreated from proceeding further, he opened fire at the City Constable, who at that time reciprocated with similar actions. This caused the suspect to flee the scene and after a high-speed chase with backup from other ranks, he was apprehended at Hadfield Street and placed in the lock-ups. A search was conducted at the said location, where a pistol and 15 live rounds were discovered.