Guyana should pay keen attention to what Guaidó has to say

Dear Editor,
With just a few days to go before US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are inaugurated, US-installed “interim” or alternative Venezuela President, Juan Guaidó, will share his vision of the next steps for his country for 2021.
It would be interesting to hear how he sees the policy of the new US Administration on Venezuela, and how that policy is likely to impact him and Venezuela/Guyana relations.
Guaidó’s presentation will take place on Friday morning at an event put on by the Council for the Americas/Americas Society. Here is the text of the invitation I received to participate:
Nicolás Maduro held fraudulent legislative elections on December 6. Fully 60 countries have issued or joined public statements condemning those elections as neither free nor fair. On December 26, 2020, the Venezuelan National Assembly voted in favour of extending its current term beyond January 5, 2021.
At this event, Juan Guaidó, who will continue to serve as interim president beyond that date as well, will present his vision for next steps in the new year. Colombian Vice Foreign Minister Adriana Mejía and U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela James Story will give welcoming remarks. To close the event, a panel of Venezuelan civil society leaders, including student leaders, health workers, and dissident chavistas, will share their views on the challenges that face the country in 2021.”
I would advise that Guyana pays keen attention to what Guaidó has to say.

Wesley Kirton