Guyana, US commit to strengthening relations

US Independence celebrations

…1st US Chamber of Commerce to commence operations here

Trade, investment and bilateral relations between Guyana and the United States are expected to be further enhanced following the establishment of the first-ever US Chamber of Commerce in Georgetown.
This was announced by US Ambassador Perry Holloway at a reception held on Wednesday to celebrate the US’s 242nd Independence Day, which was observed on July 4.
“I also want to let you know that in August, the first-ever official American Chamber

US Ambassador Perry Holloway addressing the gathering at Wednesday’s reception as President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger, along with the Ambassador’s wife, Rosaura Holloway, look on

of Commerce in Guyana will begin operations…This is a great initiative that will only help our two countries,” he posited.
According to Ambassador Holloway, in recent years, the US has done a lot of good things in Guyana and will continue to do so going forward, especially in facilitating the development of the country.
“All that we have done in Guyana has only been possible because of the cooperation of past and present Governments, the business community, civil society, and the uniformed services, along with the hard work of the Guyanese people; at best, at times we have simply been a catalyst or strong supporter, but the real work of advancing Guyana as a country has always been done by Guyanese and there is still more to do. I am here to tell you today that if you want us, then the United States will be by your side going forward,” he asserted.
The US diplomat went on to talk about past, current and future efforts to develop Guyana and shape a better future for its citizens. To this end, he noted that in spite of all the negative press, angst and uncertainty, the country’s future is brighter than ever before, with the discovery of oil offshore.
“This discovery of oil offshore is really big deal and everyone needs to take it seriously and get smarter on the issue, because while the Government of Guyana is doing many of the things that need to be done, much more will need to be done.

A section of the gathering at the reception to celebrate the 242nd Independence anniversary of the United States

I know President [David] Granger is committed to getting it right, but he cannot do it all by himself; he needs the help of all Guyanese. If things go right and the right things are done, Guyana will be more secured, prosperous and inclusive. The US stands ready to assist, but we will only be a catalyst to the enabler, the real work is for the Guyanese to do,” Ambassador Holloway opined.
Meanwhile, also addressing the packed gathering in the ballroom of the Marriott Hotel was President Granger, who said that Guyana attached great importance to the relationship it shared with the US. This relationship, he outlined, has led to bilateral cooperation in economic development, education, entrepreneurship, justice improvement, and defence and security cooperation since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties on August 15, 1966.
“Guyana and the United States enjoy cooperation under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. We look forward to deepening and widening this cooperation under a Multi-Year Strategy to increase the security, prosperity, and well-being of the people of the United States and the Caribbean. Guyana iterates its acknowledgement and appreciation of the United States’ leadership in disaster preparedness and emergency response assistance,” President Granger said.
Moreover, the President noted that Guyana’s Civil Defence Commission has benefited immensely, particularly from the provision of equipment, machinery, and training. The USA, he said, indeed, has been a friend in need.
“The catastrophic 2017 Caribbean hurricane season confirmed how destructive are the threats posed by extreme weather events to mainland America and to the small-island developing and low-lying coastal states of the Caribbean. Guyana looks forward to collaborating with the USA and other mainland States to mitigate the harmful effects of global warming and to provide relief to the victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters,” the Head of State noted.
He continued that the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was the philosophy for the establishment of a new nation in the new world of the western hemisphere and inaugurated a process of demographic change, geographic expansion and economic growth, making the United States of America today one of the most cosmopolitan countries and technologically advanced economies on earth.
The event was also attended by First Lady Sandra Granger; Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge; Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland; Ministers of the Government, Members of the parliamentary Opposition and the diplomatic corps.