Guyana’s free press stood tall ensure our democracy prevail

Dear Editor,
One would have hoped that with all the recent shenanigans surrounding the activities and work of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the Chairwoman and Commissioners would have moved with alacrity towards a swift remedial path of corrections and damage control. Instead, the paucity of actions so far signals an impending disaster.
Inducements to the above stem largely from the sanctimonious gangster, who unilaterally appointed a misfit geriatric as the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. The intention was a clear malalignment of the internal controls of the institution at the operational level of the Secretariat in order that it would function in a biased favour of the PNC-led APNU/AFC cabal.
By the time the Caribbean Court of Justice eventually evicted the fraudulent squatter, much imbalance related to sinister staff appointments was imposed. The corrections in this respect still remain outstanding, and their impact have largely contributed to the heavy frustration, tensions and uneasiness existing in this country. Many of these persons have largely acted in cahoots with the blatant PNC henchmen and women in efforts to publicly overturn the true results of the March 02, 2020 elections, although the public evaluations showed a win by the PPP/C.
It is indeed sad that after the passing of the No Confidence Motion on the night of December 21, 2018, it was the same former President Granger and then Prime Minister Nagamootoo who agreed publicly that the APNU/AFC Government had fallen. However, in keeping with the innate bullish and proven dictatorial traits of the PNC, there is widespread public feedback from their subsequent turnaround that it was truly a consequence of their desperate determination to stay in power at all costs.
With these leaders at the helm, sinister and clandestine manoeuvres were orchestrated and directed in corroboration with some dangerous planted operatives in the GECOM Secretariat to create delays. This ultimately extended an illegal stay in Government while supporting a parallel exploitation of the court system to prevent the holding of Regional and General Elections.
The recent reactions by Mr. Granger to bring in excess of $2.6 billion in lawsuits for libel against several media houses which reported the inappropriate behaviour of his derogatory influence is nothing but an indecent proposal. Mr. Kit Nascimento, the Public Relations ‘Czar’, must be commended for the many strong and well written statements he used to address the PNC and the undercurrents of Mr Granger during those troubling times. There is an abundance of evidence which stands testimony that the despicable riggers were hell bent on stealing the Elections.
The Guyanese nation must never forget the role of our united people, and particularly the role of the free press operatives who stood in defiance of Granger in making sure that our democracy prevailed in a peaceful way. We were fortunate that we did not have to go down the road the people in Myanmar travelled, who are today still struggling to get free and fair elections.
Of note, Mr. Granger, from whom our nation did not hear anything significant during his five years in office, has suddenly re-emerged. Synonymous with the PNC track record, he is now trying to shift our country’s tremendous development process by filing stupid and vindictive libels against a prominent citizen and sections of the press. Strategically, this sudden voice may serve to overwhelm those in his party now searching for guidance as lost sheep. The calls for him to step down are certainly voluminous, and he must first solve the numerous serious problems he is facing in the PNC.
Most Guyanese rationalise that Granger was a total disaster as President of Guyana. From his inherent failures, he is now bobbing like a ‘cork in the ocean’ in attempt to respond to pressure.
This is a call for him to come clean and let this nation know where he obtained the money to build that ‘mansion’ at ‘Pearl’ on the East Bank of Demerara. Without a doubt, his fluff demonstrates that he is a stranger to the truth, under whose watch deliberate efforts to manipulate and oversee all the skullduggery at GECOM were perpetrated.
Further, billions of dollars were spent during the stolen time that he paraded himself in Government. Guyanese of all walks of life suffered and were humiliated as the PNC cabals kept their ‘knees’ on our people’s backs as they propelled themselves in power. It cannot be denied that Granger’s genuine attempts to ‘rig’ the National Elections in 2020 caused our nation to suffer serious financial loss, grave national distress, humiliation, embarrassment, indignity, and we were the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Our lawyers must spare no effort along with the free press, to humiliate him in the courts.
At the moment, this baseless lawsuit is nothing but an indecent proposal to deflect blame for the GECOM disaster and his own internal inefficiencies. As my good Member of Parliament friend said, “Let’s bring it on!”

Neil Kumar