Guyanese gunned down in Barbados during robbery

A Guyanese businessman living in Barbados was on Sunday morning shot and killed during a robbery at Beckles Road, Barbados. The dead man has been identified as Eton “Junior” Lyken, 46, of St Michael, Barbados. The now dead man was the owner of Eton Bakery and Variety Store.

Dead: Eton Junior Lyken

Based on reports received, the now dead man and another man were having a conversation in a car when they were pounced on and ordered out of the car by a lone gunman who was at the time wearing a mask.
As the two men exited the motorcar, they were reportedly held at gunpoint and relieved of their jewellery, cash and other valuables. It is believed that the Guyanese businessman attempted to fight off the bandit but instead, he was shot to the head once. The bandit then left the scene.
Lyken reportedly died instantly. His reputed wife, Mia Kirton, was quoted in Barbados Today saying that her husband always looked out for others and she is still trying to come to grips with the manner in which he died. As such, she is calling for justice to be served.
“I still can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. I would really like justice to be served because a man dead for no reason. Someone who use to help out any and everybody. Junior use to pick up people from off of the road and help them. He would pick up people off of the road to come and work. And I use to tell Junior be careful who you picking up off of the road, because everybody you smile at ain’t you friend”, she told the Barbadian newspapers.
Lyken left Guyana several years ago and opened up a business and lived comfortably with his reputed wife and three children up to the time of this demise.
The Barbadian authorities have launched an investigation into the latest murder.