GWI hands over cheque for Paramakatoi water project

Potable water projects

… Mabaruma to get potable water for the first time

A recent meeting between the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and villagers of Paramakatoi, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for better water systems in the hinterland village. As part of the MoU, GWI Managing Director, Dr Richard Van West-Charles handed over a cheque for $4,236,380 on Thursday to the Village Toshao for the first phase of the project.
During the meeting, Toshao of the community, Gideon John, and a team presented a community-designed plan for the drilling of wells at various feasible locations. The community currently depends on a reservoir of spring water that is deemed insufficient and the villagers have complained about droughts during the period of January to March.

A plan to source water at the top of a mountain and distribute it to the community was also discussed as a possible solution to the existing situation. Additionally, Dr Van West-Charles spoke to the need for multiple water sources, pointing to rainwater harvesting and springs as alternatives.
Satisfied with their proposal and knowledge of the community, GWI entered into an official agreement with the Paramakatoi Village Council to develop the ideal water system that would allow for an adequate supply for domestic and economic purposes.
The agreement will see community members assisting with preparatory works for drilling. This includes excavating the proposed water source to facilitate test pumping by GWI and submitting a proposal for the maintenance of the water system among other things.
The cheque was handed over to the village leader on Thursday at the National Toshaos Council, which comes to an end today.
“There is the Paramakatoi project and in collaboration with the Village Council we are in phase one of construction of a reservoir to make water available. The water will be treated water. We are now constructing the catchment, storage; we are installing a pumping system and distributing network, standpipes and treatment system at Paramakatoi so that moves us to a different level of development within that village,” Dr Van West-Charles said.
“We are also for the first time, in a few weeks, going to have treated water in the town of Mabaruma. We commenced distributing a series of special filters, which removes all the bacteria, viruses and fungi from the water. We have some large filters, which have been installed at Kamarang Hospital, Kako Primary School, Barakara School and at the Mabaruma Hospital. We are placing a series of small labs in the hinterland so that the water can be tested,” he added.
He noted that they have recently established an office in Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) and are working with the various Village Councils to ensure they access potable water in every village. He said this is in keeping with their mission to deliver safe, adequate and affordable water access in every region.