Haynes, Perreira shine at Gumdac badminton tourney

Exhilarating badminton action took over the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) over the weekend, as the Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) hosted the annual Gumdac Easter Badminton Tournament.
Following two days of avid competition, Akili Haynes emerged as winner of the men’s A Division after an intense 21-12, 21-15 final with Tyrese Jeffery, who had to settle for second place. Avinash Odit and Jonathon Mangra were the third-place finishers.
In the A Division women’s singles, a 21-14, 14-21 and 21-13 battle went in Anna Perreira’s favour for the win, with Shivanie Persaud finishing second. Ambika Ramraj and Ayanna Watson completed the podium.
Varendra Bhagwandin topped the men’s B Division with a 25-23, 18-21, 21-6 win over second-place finisher Matthew Beharry, while Ajave Singh and Jaurel Hendricks settled for third.
On the distaff side, Perreira took another victory, this time against Mishka Beharry 21-17, 21-9. Priyanka Shivnauth and Watson finished third in this division.
Over in the men’s C Division, Matthew Kluatky clinched the championship after overpowering Nkosi Beaton in an entertaining three sets, 21-10, 10-21, 21-14. Third place in this division went to Aiden Bhagwandin and Zachary Persaud.
The women’s C category saw Beharry besting Shivnauth 21-16, 21-12, while Jayde DaSilva and Deandre Assing completed the podium.

Complete list of results:
A Division Men’s Singles
1st – Akili Haynes
2nd – Tyrese Jeffery
3rd – Avinash Odit and Jonathon Mangra

Women’s Singles
1st – Anna Perreira
2nd – Shivanie Persaud
3rd – Ambika Ramraj and Ayanna Watson

B Division Men’s Singles
1st – Varendra Bhagwandin
2nd – Matthew Beharry
3rd – Ajave Singh and Jaurel Hendricks

Women’s Singles
1st – Anna Perreira
2nd – Mishka Beharry
3rd – Priyanka Shivnauth & Ayanna Watson

C Division Men’s Singles
1st – Matthew Klautky
2nd – Nkosi Beaton
3rd – Aiden Bhagwandin & Zachary Persaud

Women’s Singles
1st – Mishka Beharry
2nd – Priyanka Shivnauth
3rd – Jayde DaSilva and Deandre Assing

Other Results:
A Division Men’s Singles
Akili Haynes beat Anthony Stephens 21-9, 21-15
Marlon Cheung beat Matthew Beharry 21-14, 21-11
Avinash Odit beat Marlon Cheung 21-18, 21-8
Tyrese Jeffery gained a walkover over Haymant Ramdhani
Chet Bowling beat Jaurel Hendricks 21-12, 21, 7
Jonathon Mangra beat Chet Bowling 14-21, 21-12, 21-11

B Division Men’s Singles
Matthew Beharry gained a walkover over Jonathan Van Lange
Andrew Browne gained a walkover over Manav Sharma
Andrew Akeem Brown gained a walkover
Ajave Singh beat Jason Stepheny 21-15, 21-7
S Malampattie beat Jonathan Debidin 21-14, 21-5
Anthony Stephens beat Raah Russel 21-9, 21-10
Varendra Bhagwandin beat Jonathon Robinson 21, 20, 21, 13
Jedidiah Uwagboe beat Andrew Browne 21-13, 21-11
Jaurel Hendricks beat Matthew Klautky 21-7, 21-14
Matthew Beharry beat Andrew Akeem Browne 21-3, 21, 3
Ajave Singh beat S Malampattie 21-9, 21 6
Varendra Bhagwandin beat Anthony Stephens 21-19, 21-12
Jaurel Hendricks beat Jedidiah Uwagboe 21-9, 21-6

B Division Women’s Singles
Anna Perreira beat Melissa Dow Richardson 21-10, 21-11
Priyanka Shivnauth gained a walkover over Shivanie Persaud
Mishka Beharry beat Jayde DaSilva 21-10, 21-10
Ayanna Watson beat Deandre Assing 21-7, 21-8
Anna Perreira beat Priyanka Shivnauth 16-21, 21-19, 21-7
Mishka Beharry beat Ayanna Watson 21-17, 21 15

C Division Men’s Singles
Jason Stepheny beat Diarra Thomas 21-12, 21-10
Nkosi Beaton beat Jonathon Debidin 21-15, 21-19
Aiden Bhagwandin gained a walkover over Dave Rojas
Haresh Persaud gained a walkover over Manav Sharma
Matthew Klautky beat Nathan Singh 21-13, 21-7
Samuel Haynes beat Andrew Browne 21-18, 21-15
Zachary Persaud beat Jonathon Robinson 21-11, 12-21, 21-11
Andrew Akeem Brown gained a bye
Nkosi Beaton beat Jason Stephney 21-14, 21-15
Matthew Klautky beat Samuel Haynes 21-16, 21-16

C Division Women’s Singles
Priyanka Shivnauth gained a bye
Alimah Eastman beat Melissa Dow Richardson 21-8, 21-17
Deandre Assing beat Akeelah Eastman 21-10, 21-11
Marcia Sharma gained a bye
Neishauana Harnarain gained a bye
Priyanka Shivnauth beat Alimah Eastman 21-14, 21-6
Jayde DaSilva beat Neishauana Harnarain 21-10, 21-14