Health Expo 2019 to focus on preventable diseases

An idea of the many booths which will be on display during the expo

The Public Health Ministry on Friday launched a number of activities for this year’s Health Expo, which will continue as a biannual event to develop communication among the general populace while supplying persons with adequate healthcare services.
The event is slated for June 5 to the 8, at the Sophia Exhibition Center, Georgetown featuring private and public partners from the medical arena. Some will be conducting medical checkups and tests, while others will be featuring their pharmaceuticals.
Speaking at the event, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Colette Adams revealed that there will also be a career day activity, whereby persons can seek training in several medical field. This year, they are seeking to have more local organisations on site to offer on the spot healthcare.
“We will be having a career fair, identified to introduce students to a career in a health field and will give them the opportunity to seek training in various areas such as nursing and other allied profession,” she revealed.
The Food Policy Division will be introducing the food based dietary guidelines along with the launching of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) risk-factor reduction campaign.
“This year, we expect to have more local and international organizations, practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers participating in the health expo. Exhibitors who are eager to showcase what practices and services in health you have,” said Adams.
Meanwhile, Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence emphasized on the scourge of maternal mortality and cancer deaths, which places Guyana at the top of the list in negative ways.
Back in 2017, Guyana had the highest mortality for premature cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in the Americas, followed by Trinidad and Tobago. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the statistics for Guyana was a whopping 52,400 at that time.
Last year, Guyana emerged at the top of the list for the number of recorded cancer deaths, with a mortality rate of 21 per cent for every 100,000 persons. Each year, some 100 women die as a result of cancer.
As such, Lawrence stated that this initiative is critical in meeting the sustainable development goals and reducing cases of preventative diseases. She noted that child obesity is also on the rise.
“Health Expo 2019 provides yet another opportunity for us in the health sector wage war on the alarming statistics on preventable diseases that constantly bombard us. Child obesity is also on the increase as the consumption of sweetened beverages and sugary substances take a strong hold on our young population,” the Minister informed.
She added, “We have that strong will to reverse this trend of negativity. Too many of us are becoming statistics and our young people seem to be at the worrisome top of the list.”