Heavy rainfall, flooding hindered Independence safari

…event cancelled; new safari set for November

Heavy rainfall which led to flooding has caused the cancellation of the inaugural Safari event, which was initially carded to be held from May 23 to May 26 at Rockstone, Bartica, Mahdia, and Karasabai.
In response to this, a new safari to South Rupununi is planned for November 2024 to compensate for the recent unforeseen circumstance.
Managing Director of Rainforest Tours, Frank Singh told Guyana Times that significant terrain challenges hampered the planning of the safari.
“People were very hesitant to go to the various locations scheduled for this year’s safari as there were lots of floodings additionally, we had to cancel the recent inaugural Independence Safari because of the flooding and some of the roads were washed away,” Singh explained.
He also pointed out that another setback was the fact that Mahdia district was infested with mosquitoes.
According to Singh, this gave the planning committee another reason to reconsider their actions.
Amid the recent flooding, Singh noted that another safari is being planned in South Rupununi. He explained that this location would be much easier for travelers to reach.
“The new South Safari promises to be a more manageable trip, the South area will serve better for the tour. It is a much easier trip,” Singh stated.
Despite the setbacks, sponsors are still on board, he said.
Singh explained that the south Rupununi region provides an ideal opportunity to experience the outdoors, have fun, and discover the picturesque beauty of the savannahs and lesser-known places in southern Guyana’s interior.
That region, he said, boasts some of the most stunning scenery. The area is home to over 400 bird species, including Jabiru Storks, Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, and the rare Red Siskin.
The South Rupununi Safari will take adventurers through numerous Indigenous villages, including Shea, a Wapishana village where travelers will witness the towering Shea Rock. From Shea, there will be stunning views of Bottle Mountain, Shiriri Mountain, and the Kanuku Mountains in the distance. This South safari offers drivers an opportunity to test their skills and explore the ‘Vaqueros’ territory.
The Safari itinerary includes an overnight stay at Dadanawa on November 25, with stops at No. 58 and Lethem before departing from Georgetown.
On November 26, the journey continues with an overnight stay, passing through Shea Village, Maruranau, and Awarewaunau en route from Dadanawa to Aishalton. The next day, November 27, participants will travel from Aishalton to Katoonarib, with an overnight stay at Karaudarnau. On November 28, the trip continues with stops at Sand creek and Shulinab before reaching Lethem on November 29. The Rupununi Expo will take place from November 24 to 25. The safari concludes on November 30, as participants depart Lethem for Georgetown.
Requirements for the trip include a four-wheel-drive vehicle in good condition and a spare wheel.
The safari was organised in collaboration with the Tourism and Commerce Ministry, the Guyana Tourism Authority, with Rainforest Tours and the Local Government Ministry. (G2)