I love science!

Dear Editor,
Last year I wrote the CSEC examinations and as a business student, it’s very hard getting a job in my field. I’m tired waiting on a job, for about over a year it has been. No one has answered my job applications and most times when I call the positions are usually filled. I have regretted that I didn’t write a science subject for the CSEC examinations last year.
The famous superwoman aka Miss Lily Singh says “When one ladder doesn’t work, we should climb another ladder.” I need to have a science subject to get into other career options which are nursing, working in a lab, or even with a dentist.
Therefore, I have decided to write a science subject for this year’s CSEC examination privately and would like to encourage other students to do the same in the future. Science is love and can solve most of our life’s problems. They say light travels faster.
That’s science. Light on many situations. I consider science important today since it has many options for a good career path and it’s useful in society tremendously because it focuses on saving lives and maintaining good health by allowing us to care for our physical self.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Garraway