I must call a spade a spade

Dear Editor,
Firstly, I must commend the Hon. Fizal Jafferally, who is representing the PPP in the National Assembly as Region Five Member of Parliament, for the outstanding and unselfish work he has done since taking office. Many may know that I and this very MP don’t agree a lot of times, and we have had our ups and downs in politics; but when it comes to development of my region, I work, and am willing to work, with everyone who wants to see betterment for Region 5.
I must call a spade a spade. Since MP Jaffarally took office, he has been on the go. He has already visited almost all the communities in Region Five and listened to their concerns. Not only has he visited to hear the concerns of the people, he also holds an Open Day at his office at Bath Freedom House every Monday.
Many are taking advantage of this Open Day, regardless of race, religion or status. People are happy that they have someone to listen and help with their concerns, and many of the matters are being solved immediately, or a few days later.
That is what the people of Region 5 need – someone to listen to their concerns; someone to help them, no matter which political party they support. This shows the oneness in the work of this MP and the Government. Yes, many will also say ill things about the work of the MP, but in everything we do, some will praise us and some will cuss us out. No work is enjoyable without the worker being attacked and cussed out.
Those who are cussing out are the ones who see development and close their eyes. They can see only destruction and racism as a form of attack.
I believe, and as far as I know, Mr Jaffarally did more outreaches and interaction with the public than any former MP of this region in such a short span of time. People like Jaffarally are what this region needs, not those who only want to serve their party by being racist and unable to think or see for themselves.
Region Five – and I can say this without any negative – has only one Member of Parliament who is working for the people.
While some may say that’s not true, the PNC has one, that’s a no-good one.  Why do I say that? The PNC MP only sees negatives and racism. He looks at the small potholes that have been developing in Bath and other Indian areas to attack the PPP, but little does he know that the PNC hardly did any developmental work in Indian areas within the past five years.
In the past five years, I had to fight the PNC REO hard for some work to be done in areas like Blairmont; Shieldstown; Cotton Tree; Numbers 2,3,5,8; Woodley Park; Bath; Experiment; Bush Lot; Number 28; Dundee, etc. Today, through the input of MP Jafferally and the RDC, work is being done across the region without looking at the race of the people living in those villages. Thanks for such representation, Mr Jafferally.
I must commend Hon. Member of Parliament Fizal Jafferally for doing such a great work, and hope that he continues to represent the region as he is doing presently. Keep up the good work MP, and stay safe.

Abel Seetaram
Fmr AFC RDC Councillor