“I’m a BIG Deal/Miss Berbice Beauty” Pageant for November

Plans are underway to host one of the most talked about pageants in the Ancient County (Berbice) that will see 12 young ladies getting their bodies and minds ready for one grand evening.
The pageant is titled “I’m a Big Deal/Miss Berbice Beauty” which is promoted by RD Production and is set for November 18.
“I’m a Big Deal” pageant is not like ordinary pageants; in fact, the concept of this glamorous event is to “empower young women” in every aspects of their lives. The pageant will focus on education, empowerment, discipline, talent and building self-confidence and leadership qualities
The pageant is being revitalised to empower the delegates to take up their roles as leaders in society. In addition, it also gears them to be role models and they will be equipped with the necessary tool to build Berbice as a cohesive county.
However, most importantly, the delegates will work with several organisations to find solutions to eradicate the social ills plaguing the ancient county.
Meanwhile, leading up to the grand coronation, a number of events have been planned. These include the sashing ceremony billed for this weekend, a day of sport, ‘social issues day’ – all aimed at raising awareness on issues affecting Berbice.
This is one event that cannot be missed.