Industry motorcyclist killed in early morning accident

Christopher Singh of Lot 358 Area ‘J’ Industry, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was killed at sometime after 07:00h on Thursday, after a mini-bus reportedly struck the motor cycle he was driving on the East Coast Highway.

Dead: Christopher Singh

According to information reaching the Guyana Times the 62-year-old security guard was heading out of the University of Guyana (UG) Road, and had already turned right in an easterly direction on the East Coast Highway when a mini-bus travelling up the East Coast from Georgetown struck the motor cycle from behind. The bus had just crossed over to the northern carriageway when the accident occurred.
Singh’s son, Ram, related that the bus driver is claiming that Singh rode head-on into the bus. “But that can’t be, because if that was the case then the bike would have had damages in front; but the damages were at the back, left side,” Ram explained as he showed this newspaper some parts that were broken off from the motorcycle.
Ram also said the police were not forthcoming with information about his father’s death, and at the station were asking questions about his properties and bank account.
“Something nah look right, because the police at the station is saying that the man didn’t had on helmet, but when we go at the scene, another policeman there told us that somebody picked up the helmet. And when we check the bag that we collect from the hospital with his belongings, we find the helmet,” the son said.
He further pointed out that the helmet was broken. Ram believes that his father was wearing the protective gear, and when he fell after being struck by the mini-bus, it probably broke.
Singh’s distraught wife told this publication that after receiving the news of the accident, she rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), where she found out that her husband had already died. When she saw her husband’s body, his limbs seemed intact, but there was blood on his nose. Upon further examination, a gaping hole was discovered at the back of his head.
The family is adamant that negligence had caused the death of their loved one, since he had been left for some time lying unattended outside of the Accident and Emergency Unit at the GPHC before he finally received medical attention.
“When I went outside (at the hospital), a man said, ‘I sorry for that big man. A bus man bring he and left he on the bench outside Emergency under the shed.’ He said they had he there a lil while before he get medical attention,” the son related.
Lilly, the dead man’s daughter, cried, “If they had paid attention and look after him, they would have been able to save him, because he was alive when he go to the hospital. The bus won’t carry a dead man and put him at the hospital…But because they didn’t look he, they didn’t pay attention, that’s why he is dead today.”
Singh’s body is at the GPHC mortuary awaiting a post mortem, which is scheduled for today. The driver of the mini-bus remains in police custody at the Sparendaam Station