Intoxicated farmer wounded without any memory of what transpired

A twenty-five-year-old farmer is now a patient of the Linden Hospital after he was wounded while returning home from a night out with friends. The injured man has been identified as Henry Rodrigues of Moblissa, Linden-Soesdyke Highway.
The incident is suspected to have occurred on Friday evening along the Moblissa Trail by an unknown person(s).
Police investigations revealed that on the night in question, the victim was at a shop imbibing in the area. Rodrigues told ranks he had no further recollection of the night after leaving the shop.
Meanwhile, Abraham Viveiros – a friend of the victim with whom he shared a house told investigators that he was at home preparing dinner when he heard Rodrigues calling out to him.
He explained that the house is a short distance across the creek.
Viveiros reportedly crossed the creek in his boat to collect the suspect, who was highly intoxicated at the time.
He further explained that when they arrived on the other side of the creek, he noticed that Rodrigues bore injuries to his head, left side chest and was bleeding. Without hesitation, he summoned the victim’s sister.
With the assistance of Rodrigues’ brother-in-law, they quickly transported him to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was admitted and is currently receiving treatment for his injuries.
Rodrigues is said to in a serious but stable condition. Police revealed that several persons were questioned in the area but no useful information was received.
Investigations are ongoing.