Invoking…AFC necromancy 

Tomorrow’s the deadline for nominations to fill positions on the AFC leadership rooster at its National Conference to be held by mid-June. Now you’d think that it shouldn’t have come down to the wire like this in a country where everybody (and their uncle) think they can be president. And you need to have a party to get into the running, don’t you? So, what gives with the ennui about the AFC leadership?
That it’s long been the “Dead Meat” leader Ramjattan predicted it’d become once it tied bundle with the PNC – that’s what!! And to raise dead meat you need a special breed of politicians – ones with the special skills of witch doctors specialised in necromancy!! Remember the last time someone was raised from the dead was more than 2000 years ago. And there’ve been persistent doubts whether the fella was really dead!! While for the AFC, they became as dead as the proverbial door nail after their repeated stabs in the back when they embraced the PNC!!
From one report, Raphael Trotman said he wasn’t running for anything. That makes sense…he should be running AWAY from EVERYTHING after what he did up at Houston on the Oil Contract. Gosh knows why he hasn’t been hauled before the Courts for – at a minimum – -that Fiduciary Breach to the people of Guyana! And then again, the strategic plan he hatched with Granger – codenamed “Nassau” – worked to a “T” to get the PNC in power back in 2015, didn’t it?  He didn’t realise that Granger would get all bassidy and shoot the coalition in the foot – then the head – for him to commit Hara Kiri!!
But Ramjattan says he’s running, and why not?? What else is there for him to do?? Can you see anyone hiring him for legal advice? This is the man who told Granger his choice of James Patterson for the GECOM Chair was constitutionally sound!! In politics maybe he figures “notoriety” is as good as “popularity”?! Opposing him might be David Patterson, who also said he’s gonna be in the running. Rather pathetic, isn’t it?? He thinks folks have forgotten Gold-Bracelet-Gate?? In which alternate universe are these fellas living? Do they really think they can pull more votes than the members of their families? And even then, there are doubts!!
What your Eyewitness believes is there’s a host of AFC members just waiting to get a load off when they show up at the AFC’s NEC! Nasty!! If you think there’s no fury like a woman scorned, just wait to see the fury of AFCites betrayed!!
But whatever happens in Kitty, it’s not gonna be the AFC rising from the grave!

…Burnham’s legacy
If it’s true that permission for the Burnham Foundation to host its exhibition on Burnham’s legacy at the National Library was pulled at the last moment – then that’s uncalled for. Your Eyewitness would’ve like to find out how the Foundation handled the following initiatives of Burnham! Nationalisation of “the commanding heights of the economy”?? The Sugar Industry was ruined – as was the Bauxite and Rice Industries and every other industry they got their hands on – like retailing at Guyana and Fogarty’s Stores – shipbuilding at Sprostons, etc. It was so bad that Rodney was forced to point out that Burnham had the “Midas Touch” in reverse – everything he touched turned into “SH*T”!!
Then, of course ,there were all the “new industries” he founded. That Glass Factory near the airport? That Claybrick factory in Canal? The Bicycle Factory? The textile industry with Sanata Fabrics? Vaceram and porcelain wares? And in Agriculture, cotton, oil palm, tilapia, black-eyed peas…
Burnham’s legacy is one of abysmal failure…leaving our nation hungry, homeless, and naked.

…our Bajan commonalities
Hey, let’s big up our Bajan Heritage – and forget about that “Guyanese Bench” at Grantley Adams Airport!! Remember over 30,000 Bajans came as indentured servants to help save our sugar industry after Emancipation?