Is ‘Fast and de Furious’ over parking at de Hall of the City!

Yeah, yuh seeing right. Nothing wrong with your eyes, so don’t worry. It is de Bellcrier. Back after a long time, just like despondency, slow economy, long lines fuh passports, full flights out, and battles with de vendors to keep dem off de pave. These things people forget about or didn’t know of, especially dem young ones. But ole people does seh, “de world round” and that “things does go round and round”. One thing that look like it going round and round is de parking meter story. De first thing that come to de Bellcrier mind regarding that is that there is never a dull moment in GT! Even de lights pun de Big Market adding to de lack of dullness!
With Hammie get chased by Pat who apparently now looking to avoid DunKan, de action continues. People who like car chases in movies seh is not de chases alone that is exciting, but de skillful and exaggerated heart-pumping parkings. Dem recommend de plenty ‘Fast and de Furious’ movies to prove de point. That aside, it look like there is plenty ‘fast and furiousness’ happening over at de Hall of the City. Some seh that Pat and de King trying fuh put in de parking meters fast after jet speeding to Cancun country while DunKan and others remain furious!
While de engines were roaring overhead to seal de deal fast, up comes Uncle Bull, who got oversight responsibilities fuh de Towns, and effortlessly and nonchalantly (big words) park de whole issue; or try to! It put pun hold; briefly! According to people there, that turn things around; again, briefly! Pat and de King apparently get furious and hit back. Dem park Uncle Bull parking intervention. September gon tell! DunKan still furious and he not parking that! Ole people does also seh that “de race is not fuh de swift”, but it look like Pat and King gat de advantage with Uncle Bull intervention behind followed by DunKan furiousness! One thing is fuh sure; more action in GT in store! De Bellcrier adrenaline rushing fast while parkers furiousness growing! Ting-a-ling-a-ling!