It’s a comedy of errors

Dear Editor,
The PNC-led coalition is in desperation mode right now and practically anything they can lay hold of at this time to gain the voters’ attention they would try.
I am talking about the latest “comedy of errors” in the two actors Carl Greenidge and Joseph Harmon. These two are on stage trumpeting a long-lost chord “I am renouncing my citizenship”. Like the mosquito fresh out of a Guyanese swamp, hum buzzing in your ear, these two guys are again mouthing something they should have done over a year ago, that is, revoking their citizenship.
If these guys were in any way serious about their dual citizenship, they would have done exactly that. The point is you can’t keep humming that you are denouncing your citizenship without any sensible action behind those words.
If they were serious or decent men, then they would have done the decent thing and “just do it”. How many times must we hear those empty words “I am about denouncing my citizenship; I would like to denounce my dual citizenship status; I am awaiting the response from the authorities on my renunciation of citizenship,” empty words with no action behind it, which really annoys the potential voter.
Like their leader Granger, these two gentlemen epitomise the deceptive politics of the PNC, and I will refresh your memory with that bold and assertive statement “the good life is here”. You will remember that mission statement, however, the result of that was a horrible and most wretched life, something that exists to this very day.
Right now, Guyanese are hoping and trusting on an electoral system to get us out of at the earliest possible time. So, pandering to the voter with this empty promise that I will revoke my citizenship is a farce and should be treated with the contempt it rightly deserves.
The PNC should not trumpet that “good life talk” again and I urge Messrs Harmon and Greenidge to do the same with that revocation of citizenship gaff. Gentlemen stop bluffing the people, we are not so easily bluffed.

Neil Adams