High prevalence of adult conduct disorder

Dear Editor,
As a scientist, my observations have afforded me to conclude that there is a high prevalence of adult conduct disorder (sociopaths and psychopaths) in our population. Conduct disorder is a childhood problem which decreases by adolescence. However, Guyana is an abnormal place and the incidence of this disorder among the adult population is staggering. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders (DSM-5), categorises this mental illness as antisocial personality disorder.
So, what behavioural markers or symptoms characterise antisocial personality disorder? Well, individuals with this disorder deviate from the norms of society and they often act without a conscience. They are also deprived of empathy and shame. It is very difficult to live among such people. They humiliate decent human beings. Their minds are moulded by poor values. They often hold criminal records, kill, steal, set fires, break rules, disrespect others, show disregard for anything that is right and use charm to manipulate and exploit others.
Sociopaths and psychopaths have caused life to be unbearable in Guyana. For example, Guyanese saw how they riot and burn in Agricola. Guyanese saw how they disobey the laws like members of the APNU/PNC/AFC Government. Guyanese have also witnessed how they fudge documents in professional settings like the GECOM Secretariat. They even invade homes and murder innocent citizens on a daily basis. These people have no conscience. They need help.
So, what factors are responsible for producing such abnormal people? Are biological factors such as genes, neurochemical imbalances and brain deficits responsible? Or environmental factors such as poor parenting, poor values and poorly developed superegos are responsible? Or is a combination of the two responsible? Science has carved a role for both biology and environment in producing anti-social personality disorder.
So, what can be done to help these people? Well, a combination of behavioural therapy and drug therapy can be effective treatment. However, Guyana lacks these resources, largely because the APNU/PNC/AFC Government is severely affected by this disorder. And this has caused Government to immorally ride taxpayers to retain power illegally.
Editor, antisocial personality disorder is a huge problem for Guyana, as such, immediate attention needs to be given to this disorder or else it will spiral further out of control.

Annie Baliram, PhD