It’s a recount, not an election petition

Dear Editor,
“GECOM Chairperson, Retired Justice Claudette Singh in a public statement on Thursday reaffirmed emphatically: “While I continue to monitor the trends based on the allegations in the Observation Reports, I am of the view that ‘he who asserts must prove’.” – Guyana Times May 22, 2020.
Indeed, he who asserts must prove. However, Madam Chair, I must agree with highly respected Commissioner Sase Gunraj’s statement, which was apologetically retracted, that it is not the role of GECOM to probe claims of anomalies. This recount process undertaken by GECOM has a mandate by law to conduct a recount and not an election petition. The path GECOM is going to take concerning these frivolous ORs is yet murky since the matter, to my knowledge, has not been fully deliberated upon by the Commission, the head table of GECOM might I add.
Justice Singh has not given the media any sort of answer to such a question until recently where she said what is in paragraph one. Is she willing to consider these “proof” and go into extensive trials now or after? Mind you Madam Chair, an election petition occurs after a valid, legitimate electoral process or recount; you do know this, I’m sure of it. If you choose to approve such a mandate at this time, you will be wasting valuable resources in such a COVID-19 time.
I’m well aware that your vote tips the scale but as a Justice, you are bound by oath, dignity and conscience to do what is right by no man but by what’s right for the people of Guyana. This is a quote from a piece I had written to you, “Justice may be defined as the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments (MW). Justice in itself is true, it’s factual, it’s impartial, it’s fair, it’s righteous and with reason.”
I’m hopeful, Madam Chair. I remember the conversation we had a few days back where you said, “People curse me out but I’m still here…I am a Justice and I know my responsibility…I would have already sworn a President in if I had really wanted to but I’m here, doing a recount process.” You then went on to state/vent a bit about how the Task Force knows that more stations are needed and you’re working to get at least one more to fill Region Four. You talked some numbers which made sense and I reiterate, I am hopeful, Madam Chair, but not naive.
For Guyana and her people; rich to poor, abled to differently-abled, we will #keepmovingforward. Together as one nation, as one people with one destiny.

Most respectfully,
Dr Josh Kanhai