Justice Claudette Singh’s unenviable mandate

Dear Editor,
After months of hiatus, uncertainty, political fencing and judicial drama, we can all breathe sighs of relief, as the way is now clearer for the inevitable premature General and Regional Elections to be held in Guyana.
The recent consentaneous appointment of a new GECOM Chairperson has made this possible.
Retired Justice Claudette Singh, the newly appointed GECOM Chairperson, now enjoys the nation’s full confidence in her ability to efficiently fulfill this unenviable mandate.
Justice Singh has been fondly referred to as the “Iron Lady”, an alias derived from her tenacious jurisprudence over the years. With her new hat at the helm of GECOM, a more befitting epithet would be the “Pendulum Lady”, for she must ensure that Guyana’s clock ticks symmetrically.
My privileged encounters with Justice Singh, on at least three occasions, were in the line of duty. Justice Singh left an indelible impression with me, primarily through her unassuming articulation and legal insight.
As Justice Singh adjusts, in the oncoming days, to her new, critical and demanding portfolio, best wishes are extended to her.
May God grant her the requisite wisdom in determining how the pendulum swings; determinations with consequences similar to those that left the biblical Pharaoh’s army drowning in the Red Sea and led the children of Israel right into the chartreuse promised land.

Yours faithfully,
Orette Cutting