“Kartel” attacks, stabs brothers

Two brothers are now nursing stab wounds at the Mackenzie Public Hospital after they were attacked and stabbed by a man following an argument on Saturday night.
The injured men — 25-year-old Matthew Clarke and 33-year-old Quammie Clarke, both of Lot 153 Block 22 Wismar, Linden – were reportedly with taxi driver Maitek Duncan “hanging out” at a bar in Wismar, Linden when, at about 22:30h, the suspect, known as “Kartel” or “Eggie”, lighted a firecracker and threw it in their direction.
This upset the brothers and their friend, and they approached the suspect to warn him of his behaviour and to admonish him to desist from hurling explosives.
The ensuing argument developed into a scuffle between the suspect and Duncan.
The fight was parted and the suspect left the scene; but when he later returned, he saw the two brothers and reportedly whipped out a knife from his pants waist and dealt them several stab wounds to their hands, hips and backs.
The brothers reportedly collapsed on the ground as the suspect quickly fled the scene. They were rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex, where they were admitted as patients.
The condition of each is listed as stable.
The matter has been reported to the Police, but the suspect has since gone into hiding.