Let the criminal case begin

Dear Editor,
Three men were earlier this past week charged with the murders of the two Henry boys – Isaiah and Joel Henry – on the West Coast of Berbice. Charges have been laid and a trial will soon commence into this crime that has so gripped our country for months now. This is a major breakthrough in a four-month-long investigation which at times seems to be going nowhere, but finally, we seem to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel, as some headway is made in this case.
What is of great significance is that the Police are in receipt of a confession statement from one of the accused, a confession which mirrors the happenings on that fateful day. And to make it more transparent and above board, that confession was not beaten out of him nor was he in any way coerced into a confession. In fact, in an unprecedented move, the Guyana Police invited the media to witness, as well as bear coverage of, his hour-long testimony.
Clearly, he is not a madman, nor is he in any way affected by psychiatric issues, and if so in the ensuing trial the presiding Judge can order a thorough medical examination of the confessant if needs be. If he is not in any way mentally incapacitated then he is fit to stand trial.
Now, from my observation, this latest development sets an entire case meant for the history books of criminal justice in this country as a whole lot more will be uncovered as the trial proceeds. Many unanswered questions will be answered and those murky areas that lay hidden from our view will soon become clear. So, let the trial begin!
Immediately, emotions run high as questions, criticisms, opinions and the lot come to the fore. Some questioned whether these guys are the right persons charged for the heinous crimes, or whether this is really a breakthrough in the case or simply junkies picked up and forced into making a confession. But emotions are not evidence, feelings are not facts, so let us get started.
In a summary of the last week’s events, certain questions become real issues and I have come up with the following points:
1. Firstly, to the politicians who condescended on the West Coast Berbice village and incited a political riot, this is the time for them to be concerned. The facts of the case thus far do not make for a politically motivated killing which is something the Opposition should be mindful of. They exploited a matter for political purposes over and beyond what it is. This also caused the killings of two innocent victims who had nothing to do with the Henry boys so the Opposition should hang their head in shame as to the misery and near civil war they could have started.
2. To the racist mobsters, they too need to stop and think of the hurt they have caused, I am talking about the senseless roadblocks, the beatings and robberies, even murders, of Naresh Singh and the Hairgobin gentleman. This senseless bloodletting of persons who clearly had nothing to do with the Henry boys’ murders, were all disgraceful acts meant to divide our nation. In the absence of solid evidence, persons should never allow themselves to be so driven into a mad frenzy of killings, Guyana can ill afford such madness. Let those so designated do their investigations and let sober and rational decisions take precedence.
3. To the family of the Henry boys, what were they doing there, did they go there to pick coconuts or was it mangoes, or was it what we will soon find out. Initially, the family said that they had no knowledge of the boys having enemies, well much of that theory would soon find answers as the trial gets going.
4. To the human rights organisation who brought a man here to spend a vacation – because the question is asked what can a forensic expert find in a few hours of “sightseeing” when in effect a matter of such magnitude would require weeks of investigation, if not months? Is this not the reason why this expert is now asking for the Police’s investigation report for him to plagiarise a document to the satisfaction of the GHRA and the family so affected?
5. To the villagers and wider Guyanese community, we can now sigh a sigh of relief that progress is made into the murders of the two cousins.
Finally, I would say this is not going to be another Courtney Crum Ewing case, that’s for sure, nor will it be another Roger Khan fiasco. By the way, the political Opposition without a charge being filed, or a case being called, could make the opinionated, propagandistic statement that over 500 youths were killed by Khan. So my question is with so many lives lost – and this is according to their theory – why wasn’t there a trial, why wasn’t Khan tried? It boggles the mind that so many lives could have been lost and there was no trial. These so-called racial killings are still being trumpeted far and wide by the Opposition for the simple fact that there were no charges laid nor was there a trial.
So to the Opposition and those who are so inclined to believe their narrative, please take heed that this case of the Henry boys will see trial and definitive answers will be made at its conclusion. I rest my case.

Neil Adams