Let the work begin…

…on draining the swamp
We, Guyanese, who live in what was described back in the day as “the Mosquito Coast” – as opposed to the “Ivory Coast” and “Gold Coast” in West Africa – should have no problem appreciating the American connotation of “draining the swamp”. It’s to get rid of those snakes, reptiles and mosquitos that breed in the fetid mud and bushes there. Nasty!!
And that’s exactly what the new Ali Administration has to do as it kicks off its programme, so eloquently described by the President in his Inaugural Address: DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! The PPP will have to make sure it doesn’t make the same mistake Cheddi Jagan did back in 1992, when he promised “no recrimination” and “peace and love”.
Let’s not try to pussy-foot around the issue: the PNC has left its well-entrenched saboteurs in the form of its supporters embedded in all the organisations that will be the vehicles for executing the PPP’s programmes going forward. Take a look at one example we saw displayed for the world to see: the GECOM Secretariat, on that fateful night when Mingo decided to “cock” the work for the PNC.
Didn’t we see that those same female staffers – who insisted they were too tired to continue working, and so had the tabulation of the SOPs stalled – were as sprightly as ever when that fella with the laptop and flash drive was caught in that room in flagrante delicto??
Attorney General Nandlall has indicated there MIGHT be criminal prosecution of those who did the dirty in the GECOM Secretariat – but Government might instead go for an “audit” or “commission of inquiry”. There must be nothing “MIGHT” about what has to be done; criminal charges MUST BE FILED. Just as with the criminal charges against Lowenfield, which will now be passed on to the DPP, the criminal charges against the GECOM staffers will send a condign message to the rest of the embedded saboteurs. If they do the crime, they’ll have to do the time!! Drain the swamp!!
And the same applies with all the flagrantly corrupt activities that have already been exposed. Measure up some orange jumpsuits for those who were so free with the people’s money. Let’s start with the OCEAN VIEW Hotel scam – which took place literally in a swamp!! The PNC forked out $1.6 billion and we still don’t even own the joint?? Then, of course, there’s the Durban Park “stadium” – of wood ants fame.  Into exactly whose pocket did that missing $600 million go?? And so on.
What your Eyewitness is emphasising is that when folks see they can literally get away with murder, then murder it’ll be!!And when it’s the PNC that’s involved, much encouragement isn’t needed!! Drain the swamp!!

…on fighting COVID-19
It was with great delight that your Eyewitness heard President Ali announcing that Moses Nagamootoo and Harmon have been tossed out on their ears from the COVID-19 Task Force. Imagine, Guyana facing the worst pandemic since that Flu pandemic hit us in 1918 – when at least 12,000 perished – and the PNC uses that as opportunity to facilitate its rigging?? Remember them using COVID to restrict the number of stations at the ACCC and keep out the Carter Center??
That $4.5 billion should go a long way to help all those families who’ve been driven to the brink of starvation after the economy imploded under the weight of the COVID regulations. Imagine, this humanitarian gesture never crossed the minds of the PNC while in power – even as it spent hundreds of millions on hiring US Lobbyists to justify its flagrant elections rigging!! When those hundreds of persons showed up at Granger’s former home for rumoured COVID help, didn’t they get a hint??
Oh judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts!!

…on the economy
After President Ali had finished touching all the bases that have to be taken care of for our dear land of Guyana to get going again, all those geriatrics in the PNC must’ve become dizzy!!
No country for (senile) old men!!