MACORP to support LGC as they construct driving range

By Jemima Holmes

A corporate entity is to be admired for forging a partnership with any sport or association in order to improve the lot of that association; and a company that sticks by its partners throughout whatever hardships either party faces, even as it continuously implements ways to improve its partner’s facilities and attract persons to its partner’s sporting discipline, is entirely worthy of fulsome admiration.

LGC President, Aleem Hussain, making a point in the presence of MACORP CEO, Guillermo Escarraga

Such accolades should readily be given to the Machinery Corporation of Guyana Limited (MACORP), which continues to be a linchpin for the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC).
Time there was when heavy rainfall would shut down all activities at the Lusignan Golf Course, rendering the greens unplayable during the earlier months of the year.
At one point the course was under sixteen inches of water, and the LCG management had nobody to turn to.
During the period December 2017 to January 2018, MACORP, then under the stewardship of former CEO Jorge Medina, undertook the Herculean task of improving the drainage at the LCG while bettering the grounds. Thus several pieces of machinery and a Caterpillar Excavator were dedicated by MACORP to this task.
MACORP has since hosted several major tournaments at the LCG, and the next collaborative venture between the entities will ensure that younger players are attracted to the course, while the more experienced campaigners are given a better facility in which to practice.

MACORP CEO, Guillermo Escarraga

“We’re working right now on a driving range. This is a facility for people to come and practice; and that’s going to be a really big boost to the golf course, because we’re going to have people coming in to learn the game and to be able to do so in an appropriate environment,” MACORP CEO Guillermo Escarraga has disclosed to Guyana Times Sport.
A driving range is an area separate from the 9-hole course; it if often used as a place to teach the game, or even as a facility wherein experienced players can practise their strokes. With such a facility, the quality of the LGC would not only be improved, but – as per the hope of MACORP — the facility would be used as a tool to attract and train young golfers from schools and universities.
“We want to see golf grow in Guyana. It’s a great game, and it’s a great way to grow and develop; and we want more youngsters to come and enjoy the golf course,” Escarraga said as he signalled the intention to attract younger players to the sport.
According to the MACORP CEO, one can expect to see the project being implemented in the near future.
“Before, we didn’t have that facility, and we’re looking at putting that together very soon,” Escarraga stated.
The partnership between the LGC and MACORP is one fraught with the potential to transform the 9-hole course to a state-of-the-art facility that each member of the family can enjoy, from senior adult to the youngest child.
“You’re going to see some development already in place; and, going forward, we want to add more facilities to the golf course. We want it to be a family place, where people can come with their kids and have a good time,” Escarraga revealed, hinting at continued partnerships with the Lusignan Golf Club.