Madam Chairperson has finally come to her senses

Dear Editor,
It is a final order coming from the Chairwoman herself that voters are no longer required to physically verify their registration to vote. It is the final order coming from the pen of Madam Justice Claudette Singh herself. In doing so, she is now asserting herself as the Head of GECOM and not the tail.
Hitherto this time, she was being led and not doing the legal, right and authoritative thing to lead, or in other words, being in control of the GECOM Secretariat, she was allowing her good name to be used in the nefarious activities of the Government officials there. So, as we say in creole, “The GECOM Chair has finally come to her senses”.
There is still much ground to cover as the PNC plays another stratagem in this artful trick of “using” GECOM as a tool for the rigging of elections. This means that Madam Justice Claudette Singh has to be ever vigilant as to what comes out of the Secretariat as a communique.
The Opposition officials will do their work, that’s for sure, however, an astute and impartial Chair should be there to enhance that process. We the people need a leader who will stand out and stand up for the people’s cause.
Madam Chair, you were placed in that position to safeguard democracy and to oversee the rights of the people. Just do it faithfully and honestly. I rest my case.

Neil Adams