Major financial irregularities, other issues plague Hururu Village Council

Representatives of the Hururu Reservation Village Council and residents in the remote riverine area are seeking assistance from the relevant authorities regarding a number of issues that have been plaguing their community.
A representative, who requested anonymity, spoke with Guyana Times and related that the Village Council has been dealing with accountability and administrative issues over the years which has led to the replacement of a number of officials.
The representative explained that he was involved in the investigations that were conducted into the misappropriation and based on the findings, an official who was in charge of finances was demoted.
He noted that a decision was also taken by the Village Council some time ago to remove another official from his position after allegations surfaced that he was removing items without permission. He was replaced but soon after the new person was also implicated in financial irregularities.
The representative related that more recently, the Village Council decided to purchase hampers for villagers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic but it was later alleged that the items were purchased without any receipts being provided. That person was also relieved of their post.
“So that is what causing this whole problem…They say they buy 2.5 million dollars in ration with no receipt, no bills nothing”, the representative related.
He further alleged that a Community Development official from Linden, who recently hosted a COVID-19 sensitisation meeting in the community, had asked for $61,000 to offset his transportation and documents distributed to the residents.
According to the representative, this official would usually take money from the Village Council to fund his trips into the riverine community.
“That is what he come and tell the residents. That we got to pay him to get these things, to get these papers what the Minister send. We got to pay $61,000. We pay it because we ain’t know what really going on, but when we get the ‘shout’ like it’s not true. He making money off of us”, he alleged.
He also claimed that the officer had visited the village with the aim of reinstating the former officials who were relieved of their duties by the Village Council but this proposal was met by disagreement.
“We ain’t reach to no decision for these people to be reinstated…accountability is not there”, the representative stressed.
“When we asked for help, the Region (Regional Democratic Council) said they’re going to come in and investigate and to see what was happening in the village”, the representative noted.
Nevertheless, the Village Council has since opposed the visit by the RDC.
As a result, he said residents had planned a protest for Monday but decided against this following a meeting with a Ministry official.
“What they wanted to do was to shut all businesses in the village… cease all operations, no business transactions until somebody come from the Region or the Ministry. We don’t want no transaction to do during this time at all. That is what we asking for…We need help”, the representative noted.
He noted that instead, a team visited the RDC in Linden on Monday where a decision was taken to cease all money transactions until all the issues are sorted out.
He added that the Village Council was also advised to make reports to the RDC, relevant Ministry and police with regards to financial irregularities.