Man arrested in connection with brother’s murder

– Police hunt second brother

After being on the run for more than thirty-six hours, one man who was implicated in the murder of his brother was arrested and is expected to be arraigned for the heinous crime shortly.
The lifeless body of 50-year-old Mark Burquette was found in a clump of bushes in Kaneville, East Bank Demerara (EBD), on Sunday.
Following the discovery, the police had launched a manhunt for two brothers who were reportedly involved in a confrontation with the now dead man prior to his demise. However, one of the suspects was arrested on Monday evening.
Police Commander of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) Sub-Division B (East Bank Demerara), Superintendent Kurleigh Simon when contacted explained that the suspect in custody is expected to face at least one charge as investigations continue.
He noted that there is enough “tangible evidence” in relation to Burquette’s murder for the individual to remain in Police custody.
It was reported that the man was found with several chops to his fingers and head, and abrasions to his side and other parts of his body. Burquette was known for doing odd jobs in the community. Further, it was reported that the man’s brothers were the last persons to see him alive.
Initially, the police were told that the now dead man and two men, identified as his brothers, had a confrontation just before he was found dead.
A visit to the brothers’ home revealed that the dead man’s belongings were packed up and removed from the premises.
Commander Simon is requesting that anyone with information in connection with the death of Burquette makes contact with the Diamond Police Station on telephone numbers 216-0251/4.