…on the world stage
Back in the heyday of the old Cold War, there was a highly circulated book amongst the Third World intelligentsia: “The Sharks and the Sardines”. Basically, it was an expose on – as the blurb on Amazon says – “…how foreign countries are controlled and must by force do the work of the Super rich even when overwhelmingly elected.” Sounds familiar?? What can you say?? The more things change, the more they remain the same!!
And this ain’t just a 20th-century doctrine. The very earliest Western historian, Thucydides – who wrote about the war between the great Greek states of Sparta and Athens – stated it pithily: “The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.” He put the words into the mouth of the mighty Spartans speaking to a pipsqueak nation Melos – which dared oppose them!! As our evolving Cold War – between China and the US – heats up, Guyana as a pipsqueak state gotta take that lesson to mind!!
Now, some might have raised their eyebrows at our Eyewitness dubbing us “pipsqueak” in the midst of us pumping our 11 billion barrels of oil and attracting the gaze of the mighty contending states – if not the rich and famous!! But let’s put matters in perspective, shall we?? Oil, and even massive land space, doesn’t take a country out of the “pipsqueak” column, OK?? Think of Kazakhstan: it’s one of the largest countries in the world – and it has oil. But do you hear anyone inviting it to the G7 or G20, or any of the new blocs opening up?? Nah!! And don’t bring up Ethiopia’s invitation to G20 – that’s just because of its strategic location!!
Anyhow, what’s a pipsqueak state to do when the elephants start to tango – either by making love or war?!! We know the old saw: that it’s the grass that’ll suffer, regardless!! And in international affairs, pipsqueak states are so much grass!! Well, there are several schools of thought on the matter. One says that it’s the large states that’ll be contesting for the top dog spot who’ll either duke it out or come to some sort of precarious standoff. As such, they advise that pipsqueak states should keep their eyes on the large states in their vicinity and “bandwagon” on their positions.
Applied to the present world order: with China, that’s 9000 miles away as the crow – or missile!! – flies, versus the US, that’s only 3000 miles up north, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what we should do!! As old people say, “Pat the tiger head when yuh haan in ‘e mout!”
Now, that doesn’t mean we should cuss out the distant behemoth – but don’t be too chummy!!

…of Canada and India
Have you noticed the increasing chilliness between India and Canada?? The latest flareup is Canada’s expelling an Indian diplomat – claiming that an Indian intelligence operative’s behind the killing of a Sikh separatist activist, a Canadian citizen! India promptly reciprocated. Now, this Sikh separatism’s been a thorn in India’s side for decades. Remember PM Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her Sikh guards -sympathetic to the cause. After a brutal crackdown, the movement died down – but recently has taken on new impetus. Only in 2003, a Canadian Sikh was convicted of bombing an Air India flight over Canada -killing all 182 persons aboard.
Canada’s large Sikh immigrant populace has been in the centre of this new treason. And for reasons best known to him, Canadian PM Trudeau’s been very close to them. He now says that at the recent G20 meet in India, he raised the allegation with PM Modi – which explains the frost in the air when they met!!
Let’s see who’ll take who’s side! Or who’ll bandwagon!!

…for attention??
Even though we’re a pipsqueak state, it doesn’t mean we’re inconsequential! Take note that has-been British PM Blair and has-been US President Clinton both took time to meet our President, Irfaan Ali!!
We count for something, don’t we??