Market vendor allegedly robbed of motorcycle

Bandits escaped with motorcycle CH 7160

A 49-year-old vendor of Hadfield Street, D’Urban Backland, Georgetown, was on Sunday robbed of his Honda motorcycle by three men, one armed with a handgun.
Reports are that the victim was relieved of his motorcycle bearing registration number CJ 5092 at about 20:45h along Duncan Street, Georgetown.
According to Police, Rajesh Khan was on his way home from work and was riding along Duncan Street, when the three men approached him from behind.
He told investigators that the men approached him on two motorcycles and held onto his bike, causing him to come to a halt.
The pillion rider from one of the motorcycles then came off the bike and whipped out a handgun from his waist and demanded that khan hand over his bike.
Fearful for his life, the man complied. The men then took the victim’s motorcycle and made good their escape east along Duncan Street. Police reports said the motorcycle was valued at some $185,000.
Investigations are ongoing.
Not too long ago, a delivery man was held at gunpoint by bandits and relieved of his Honda XR motorcycle while going to make a drop off at Caneview Avenue, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
It was reported that Mark Noble was at a house in the community to make a delivery when he was confronted by four men who pulled up alongside him on motorcycles
Shortly after, one of the men disembarked a motorcycle, walked up to Noble and held him at gunpoint, while demanding that he remain silent. A fearful Noble complied and the bandit relieved him of his motorcycle, HC 7160, before making good his escape with his accomplices.