Marslowe overjoyed at return of football to Bartica

…BFA pursuing possibility of acquiring lands for development of playfield

Football is back in Bartica! And President of the Bartica Football Association (BFA), Alden Marslowe, has declared himself overjoyed that the sport can be played.
According to the BFA boss, despite not having league football in the last three years, he is confident there are lots of natural talent in the community. In an interview with this publication, he was asked for his view on the return of football in Bartica, and he replied, “The feeling of having league football on the ground again is one that cannot be described. As the man at the helm of the Bartica FA, I am experiencing a sense of both joy and great responsibility, because our players have waited a long time for a return to play.”
Marslowe went on to state that, in terms of the level of talent, there is a plethora of natural talent in the community. He also made mention that even though there has not been a league in three years, it is still evident that one can still see a reasonable level of play. However, he lamented that there is much more to be done to take their game to a higher level.
When questioned on what he can be done to improve the level of football among the players, Marslowe commented, “Our focus will soon be on coaches’ development. The game must have teachers and qualified mentors to see a rise in its quality. So, the BFA is now pursuing a number of capacity-building programmes, with emphasis on coaches’ education.”
As it relates to what can be expected from the BFA as it aims to take football to the next level, Marslowe explained that the best accomplishment the BFA can ever hope for is the consistent playing of the game at all levels for both males and females. He reiterated that, at Bartica, one of the biggest challenges is the availability of facilities for the fulfillment of their mandate. So, while the BFA pushes to promote more games, Marslowe said, “We are also pursuing the possibility of acquiring lands for the development of more playfields. One ground can never be enough to truly lift our game.”
To the sponsors and general business community, Marlsowe has said, “Football is a worthy pastime for our young people. It helps to develop both skills and character, and provides an alternative to the negatives in society. The football association does much to promote the sport, but more help is needed. Partnering with us affords businesses great visibility, because the sport is the most popular in the world. Together, we can make a difference in our community.”