Minister Harmon meets with Mocha residents

Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Friday met several residents of the Mocha/Arcadia community, including Chairman of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Rudolph Adams, to discuss issues faced by the residents.
Among the concerns raised was that of access to electricity and water as well as the need for proper roads in the community since the ones being used are dilapidated. The chairman explained that many roads in the area are in a deplorable state. He also related that poor access to potable water and proper drainage systems are also concerns for the community as these are giving rise to a number of problems in the community. Additionally, Adams pointed out that the most pressing issue is that of land titling. It was pointed out that many persons residing in Mocha/Arcadia for a number of years are not the certified land owners, and have been seeking land titles for their lands. However although constantly approaching the authorities on the issue, the residents are still without legal ownership of the land.
Harmon pledged to have the issue of land titling addressed at the earliest possible time, saying: “This issue has been raised before and I had asked the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) to take a team into the community to find a solution.”
He added that the new CEO of GLSC Trevor Benn is aware of the situation and will be visiting the community shortly. The minister also promised residents to approach the ministries of Communities and Public Infrastructure, the Guyana Water Incorporated, the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority and the GLSC to discuss these challenges with the view of finding speedy resolutions by the end of next week.