MoH recommissions Koko, Wallaba Health Posts

– communities to benefit from telemedicine, nursing programmes

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony has recommissioned health posts in the communities of Koko and Wallaba during a recent visit to Region One (Barima-Waini).
Rehabilitated through funding from last year’s budget, these two facilities now comprise in-patient beds, technical equipment, adequate supply of medication, waiting areas, and clinical rooms, among other facilities; and are expected to improve the delivery of healthcare services in the communities of Koko and Wallaba, thereby impacting the lives of hundreds of residents.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony and officials at the newly commissioned Wallaba Health Post

During the commissioning ceremony, Dr. Anthony related that each centre would play a crucial role in combatting chronic and non-communicable diseases, provide treatment for patients, and make necessary referrals for tertiary care if and when needed. This would greatly contribute to the overall fight against health challenges in the Region One area, and bring the Government closer to delivery on its promise to improve primary healthcare across the country through implementing gold-standard service delivery.
“We want to help to improve health in our country. We want to improve health in Region One, and so we want to spend our resources in upgrading all the facilities we have in Region One,” he declared. “Regardless of how small it is, we want to make sure that it’s upgraded, so that it can serve the community.”
The upgrades would facilitate the Community Health Worker Training, the Nursing Assistant Training Programme, and the School Health Screening Programme to be rolled out in both communities soon; and also aid in the addition of telemedicine when the service is available in the region.
During his engagements with residents from Koko and Wallaba, Minister Anthony highlighted that the Region needs Community Health Workers and Nursing Assistants; and, as such, he encouraged those gathered to register for the programmes.
“We also want to train more persons, so we can have the required personnel to provide the services. We have several training programmes which we are currently running, and we hope that persons in these villages with the necessary qualifications can be trained,” he informed.
He added, “Once you pass and you’re successful at your exams, then we will give you a job. So, we will employ you in the health system, we are looking for several people whom we can employ. Now I am saying that to you because, once we set up the telemedicine system here, it is an opportunity for people now to use the system to better qualify themselves,” Dr. Anthony added.
Since assuming office in August 2020, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has injected over $100 million to upgrade healthcare centres in Region One (Barima-Waini). In total, the Region has 51 health centres, most of which were rehabilitated or reconstructed over the last three years through funding from the Health Ministry’s capital budget.