Mohamed’s Enterprise to construct stone depot, shore-based facility at Providence

Mohamed’s Enterprise is currently developing a facility at a prime waterfront property in Providence, on the East Bank Demerara (EBD), to support its quarry operations as well as the oil and gas sector.
The 25-acre property will be transformed into a stone depot and shore-based facility. Managing Director of the company, Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed, when contacted, explained that plans to develop the land were in the pipelines for a very long time, but were put on hold due to a legal battle with Toolsie Persaud Limited.
However, in late 2020, the principals of Toolsie Persaud Limited withdrew the legal proceedings, thus giving sole ownership to Mohamed’s Enterprise. A few months later, the team made the necessary applications to the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory bodies, including the Maritime Administration.
In December 2021, the EPA had given Hadi’s World Inc, a subsidiary of Mohamed’s Enterprise, the necessary permission for the construction of the facility.

The land at Providence that is being developed (Photo by Mike.592)

“Hadi’s World Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the “Permit Holder”, is hereby authorised in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, Cap. 20:05, Laws of Guyana, the Environmental Protection (Amendment) Act, 2005, and the Environmental Protection (Authorisations) Regulations, 2000, for the construction and operation of a Laydown Yard and Wharf, located at Foreshore Block ‘U’ part of Peter’s Hall and Providence, East Bank of Demerara, hereinafter referred to as the “Project”, in a manner indicated in the Application dated July 23, 2021, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein under the Environmental Protection Act and any existing or forthcoming best practices, guidelines and standards relevant to this project”, the letter issued to the company stated.
In the same document, it stated that the permit holder shall be liable for any activity that causes or is likely to cause pollution of the environment, unless all reasonable and practicable measures are taken to prevent or minimise any resulting adverse effect.

The map showing the location of the property

Further, it stated that the environmental permit shall remain valid until November 30, 2023, unless otherwise suspended, cancelled, modified, or varied in accordance with the provisions of this Permit, or the Environmental Protection Agency.
Nevertheless, with the clearing and preparation of the land, the quarry depot is expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2022.
With respect to the construction of the wharf, the businessman explained that his company is in discussion with several tier-1 contractors to get the job done. Once the construction of the wharf commences, it will be sub-let to those contractors.
Meanwhile, thus far, about 20 residents are already employed by the company.
“We have about 20 people from the village that we have employed for the first phrase…the second phase will see an additional 30 being employed…it is a big investment, we cannot put a figure to it right now, but the entire area was swamp and will take a lot of building up,” the businessman told Guyana Times.
In addition, Mohamed noted that the company would also be constructing a play park in the community for the children to utilise. Further, the company plans to sponsor bursaries for children in the community. “We want to build a safe community as well…we want to get rid of the petty criminals and let the area be safe for people to traverse,” he added.

Azruddin Mohamed at the location on Wednesday (Photo by Mike.592)

Only last month, Hadi’s World Incorporation, a subsidiary of Mohamed’s Enterprise, partnered with China Harbour Engineer Company Guyana Inc. to pursue the US$25M quarry project to cater to the needs of the country’s booming construction sector.
The long-term agreement will see the establishment of the quarry along the Mazaruni River, where the Chinese company will produce boulders and quarry aggregates for local and foreign construction markets.
On Wednesday, one of the company’s principals, Azruddin Mohamed, visited the site to inspect ongoing works. In fact, the New Harbour Bridge will pass over the location.
Back in September 2018, Mohamed’s Enterprises officially opened the first-ever laydown facility at Mc Doom, Greater Georgetown. The facility, constructed on five acres of land, is estimated to cost US$3 million.
At the opening, Mohamed related that the facility will be used as a holding area for ExxonMobil as that company prepares to extract oil in 2020.
The area was underdeveloped and required massive intervention to get to being one of the well-constructed facilities in modern times. A total of 7000 tons of crush and run, 500 loads of sand, and approximately 250 loads of red loam were used to construct the facility.