MovieTowne hosts career fair, opening likely for February

The Chairman of MovieTowne, who on Tuesday hosted a job fair which attracted just under 1000 youths, said the opening of the massive theatre and entertainment centre will be dependent on the outcome of the ongoing no-confidence court battle.
At the job fair which was hosted at MovieTowne’s Turkeyen location, Chairman Derek Chin said although he plans on opening for business in February, he is

MovieTowne Chairman Derek Chin

skeptical of doing so at a time when Guyana is likely to head into General Elections in March.
In fact, he said the opening may be postponed if elections are announced for March in keeping with the Constitution of Guyana.
The Chairman said, “We are looking at February (because) things are happening, things are moving, there is still a lot of work yes but we don’t expect to open fully everything and then of course the situation with your Government and the vote of no-confidence. You really don’t know what time frame, if there is going to be an election, and then we’re going to have to make a change if it’s in the middle of, I think March, so those things are still up in the air for us”.
According to Chin, should elections be held in March, the business could launch a

Job hunters now beginning to pour into MovieTowne

week or two after.
The Chairman explained that while an election process can be good, it can also be bad and may not necessarily be the right environment for the launch of MovieTowne as it hopes to bring joy and excitement.

Employment opportunities
On the note of joy and excitement, the atmosphere was nothing less on Tuesday at MovieTowne as just under a 1000 young people showed up in pursuit of a career there.
The businessman stated “MovieTowne alone, just the MovieTowne operations is usually about 100 to 110 people so between those two businesses you’re talking probably about just under 200 people and that doesn’t include maintenance and security and stuff like that. When the full project is open, we can estimate certainly over 1000 persons will have gainful employment here”.
He added that other Guyanese businesses will also benefit from the investment such as chicken farms and even smaller businesses.
On the note of hiring staff, the entrepreneur was keen to note that not just anyone looking for a job will be employed as the establishment centre hopes to have the best customer care service.
He reminded that the job fair continues today, with on the spot interviews.
On Tuesday persons were interviewed for managerial, accounting, maintenance and security positions. Concessionaires, food servers, cashiers, ushers, guest assistants and crew members are still be hunted by the major business.
Besides the eight movie screens, persons will also have access to the family casino, children’s arcade and spas among other major attractions.
The over US$50 million project is likely to be opened on February 21.