Moving on

Satiricus was excited as he walked towards the Back Street Bar. His cousin Georgie, from New York, had returned and was thinking about setting up a business for the “coming oil boom”, as he said. What Satiricus knew was his “town man” cousin was a free spender and he knew he’d have a good time.
“Hey Cuz!” shouted Satiricus as he entered the bar and saw Georgie already chugging a cold one with the fellas. “I see you beat me to the punch!!”
“I ain’t gat time to waste when it come to beers, bannuh!!” said Georgie with a broad grin. “I just getting to know de guys again!”
“De bai na change a-tall, Sato!” exclaimed Bungi. “’E jus’ like w’en ‘e use to visit abee lang time!”
“Yes, man! Jargie already buy two round fuh abee,” said Cappo. “C’rismuss guh be good dis year!”
“But tell me something, Georgie,” said Hari. “How’s New York, since I told you I’ll be going up there to try a thing.”
“Da place col’ bai!” said Georgie. “You gotta bundle up!”
“What Hari means is, how are his job prospects?” interjected Satiricus.
“Bannas you can always make a living in New York,” said Georgie, as he clinked bottles with Hari. “I’ll put you in touch with some friends in construction.”
“But why yuh come back, if New Yark suh good?” asked Bungi.
“I ain’t wan’ just fuh make a living, guys,” said Georgie. “Ah wa’n get rich!”
“An’ yuh believe yuh guh get rich in Guyana?” asked Cappo, with raised eyebrows.
“Budday! With 5 billion barrel oil comin’, some money gotta come my way!!” said Georgie.
“My friend,” said Hari quietly. “Then you better get a Pee’nSee card or become a friend with a Pee’nSee big one!”
“Ah know ah bin away long,” said Georgie. “But I’s still Guyanese you know! I already hook up with a friend from town!!” “What about?” asked Satiricus curiously.
“He get an I.T. contract because he’s born Pee’anSee,” replied Georgie. “But he thinks a mouse is a rodent!! I know I.T.!!”