Muslims added value to the nation’s moral compass with 5 core beliefs – GTUC

The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) extends Youman Nabi greetings to our Guyanese brothers and sisters, more so the ones from the Muslim community.
As the nation marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the founder of the faith and last Prophet from God (Allah), even as there is merriment given what his birth represents, the significance of same should not be overlooked. Our Muslim brothers and sisters have added value to the nation’s moral compass with the faith’s five core beliefs, viz: -Profession of Faith (shahada); Prayer (salat); Alms (zakat); Fasting (sawm); and Pilgrimage (hajj). And to these the GTUC implores our brothers and sisters to apply in the nation’s quest for peace, goodwill and equality amongst all Guyanese.
As the third largest religion in Guyana – a nation plagued with injustices, the value of social equality which is preeminent in Zakat cannot be underestimated or ignored in these trying times. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), floods, high unemployment, discriminatory cash grant distribution, escalating crimes, other natural and manmade disasters have occasioned socio-economic challenges that could hinder realising the aspiration of One People, One Nation, One Destiny.
Attention to the nation’s plight requires the utilisation of a political system that values social equality as centre to development. It is such a value that must guide the distribution of national resources, and the management of the economy to ensure all are treated with dignity and respect. This expectation is more pronounced given the nation is led by a man of the faith.
As Guyanese celebrate this holiday, Youman Nabi, let us do so mindful of the value of Zakat and hope its principle would guide President Irfaan Ali’s management of the nation’s resources and the welfare of all the people of Guyana.
Happy Youman Nabi!