NA Multilateral School & CVQ success

In the realm of educational excellence in the Caribbean, New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) stands out as a beacon of achievement and innovation, particularly in the field of Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ). Established with a commitment to nurturing holistic development and academic proficiency, NAMS has not only embraced the CVQ framework but has also emerged as a leading institution in its implementation and success.
In May it was announced that after a comprehensive audit conducted by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) during their visit to Guyana, the New Amsterdam Multilateral School has been distinguished as the exemplar institution for Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in the country.
Out of nine schools evaluated by the delegation, NAMS emerged as the foremost model, receiving accolades for its exceptional state of readiness, meticulous preparation, and robust arrangements in the domain of technical education.
The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is a regional qualification recognized throughout the Caribbean Community (Caricom), designed to certify the competence of individuals in various vocational areas. It aims to enhance the employability of individuals by providing them with practical skills and recognized qualifications.
The NA secondary school has fully integrated the CVQ framework into its curriculum, offering students a diverse range of vocational courses.
What sets NA secondary school apart is its commitment to excellence in the implementation of the CVQ program. The Government has invested in the facilities and equipment, creating a conducive learning environment where practical skills are honed under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Students at NA secondary school benefit from hands-on training and industry-relevant projects that prepare them for real-world challenges. The school has forged strong partnerships with local businesses and organizations, providing students with opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, and direct industry exposure. This integration of classroom learning with practical experience ensures that NA secondary school graduates are not only academically qualified but also ready to contribute meaningfully to the workforce upon graduation.
The success of NA secondary school in the realm of CVQ is evident in the achievements of its students. Graduates of the CVQ program at NA secondary school consistently demonstrate high pass rates and receive accolades for their competence and professionalism in their respective fields.
NA secondary school plays a pivotal role in the regional CVQ ecosystem, actively participating in curriculum development initiatives and quality assurance processes. The school’s dedication to continuous improvement ensures that its programs remain relevant and responsive to evolving industry needs and technological advancements.
New Amsterdam Multilateral School stands as an exemplar institution for Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), embodying the principles of excellence, innovation, and practicality in education.
Through its robust curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong industry partnerships, NAMS prepares its students not only for academic success but also for successful careers in their chosen vocational fields. We commend the Education Ministry for the necessary investment it has made at the school and the staff of the NA secondary school for ensuring that its students are equipped with the necessary skills and certifications to excel in their chosen fields.
As the demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, institutions like NA secondary school play a crucial role in shaping the future workforce of the Caribbean region, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to thrive in a competitive society.