National Sports policy set to be addressed

Assistant Director of Sport, Melissa Dow-Richardson has stated that the National Sports Commission (NSC) will be aiming to have a three-fold focus at the national level, with the National Sports policy being one of the important areas.

Minister with responsibility for Youth, Culture and Sport, Nicolette Henry
Minister with responsibility for Youth, Culture and Sport, Nicolette Henry
Minister of Education, Rupert Roopnarine

The National Sports Policy, has been one of this current administration’s main focal point upon assuming office in 2015 and has been the topic of discussion ever since.
“The first is the National Sports Policy where we will be engaging the nation in this dialogue where we will be having consultatively on sport development in Guyana.” Dow-Richardson stated.
Another focus will be on the compliance of athletes with the Anti Doping laws of which has become a standard across the globe.
It is well known across the sporting fraternity of the implications as well as embarrassment athletes who are caught breaking the rules have brought upon their countries and the NSC will be aiming to educate the local athletes of the implications of doping.
This branch is one which the Assistant Director of Sport pointed out to be one of the major issues Minister with responsibility for sport; Nicolette Henry is particularly interested in curbing.
“The anti doping strategy, which is Minister Henry’s personal and specific focus which she wishes to impart will be focusing on a clean sport initiative across the nation where our athletes will be aware of the various banned substances as well as the world anti doping code so our athletes train and know what not to take.” The Assistant Director of Sport highlighted.
Dow-Richardson explained that this is what the NSC terms as the “Clean Sport Initiative.”
Additionally, the final concept of the three-fold focus will be the targeting of sports in the school system. Minister of Education, Rupert Roopnarine had indicated at the Inter-Guiana Games hosted by Guyana in 2016 that his Ministry is keep on making students rounded and create the environment for students to flourish both academically and athletically.
“The sporting school mandate, which we are working towards very seriously with our physical education teachers and those things so in that regard the national sports commission has very strong programming which we would like to impart in 2017.” Dow-Richardson indicated.
Director of Sport, Christopher Jones indicated in a previous dialogue with Guyana Times Sport that the NSC will be implementing a nation-wide coaching program which is in keeping with the sporting school mandate, creating opportunities for students with athletic ability to be given equal chances as those of the developed regions.