Naya Zamana “Zindagi Express” for NCC on February 8

Naya Zamana – Zindagi Express is a frank and penetrating play (in every sense), but it is staged with feeling and pizzazz. Every act is expressive in the message portrayed, be it about heartbreak, the struggle for independence, the pressures of bullying or the dilemma of staying in a relationship.
Portrayed against spectacular backdrops and sets and embellished by dazzling and vivid costuming done by design genius Trishala Simantini Persaud, Naya Zamana is not one to miss.
From the avid theatre goer to the first timer, the experience of Naya Zamana is like no other, you are caught and held from beginning to end as the stories unfold much like a movie up close. The actors get into the skin of their characters and you feel as if you are at one with them.
The brilliant script and direction done by Dr Vindhya Vasini Persaud move everyday life and challenges onto stage and make you feel as if it is a visual of, if not your own life and experiences, definitely someone you know. No doubt the music, at times haunting or energetic, lends to the overall feel good mood that Naya Zamana invariably leaves one with.
The theatrical production appeals to every age with its grandeur, glitz and vibrance. Cutting edge choreography is portrayed through various dance styles: modern, lyrical and interpretive, classical, traditional and creative. The dancers make you want to get up and shake a leg or join them on stage.
The 60 + cast consisting of young and talented performers includes Farzaana Khan (Misha). Darsh Mody (Veer), Anusha Doodnauth (Avni), Amisha Sarjoo (Anaya), Deepta Banik (Arnav) and the very young and captivating Sarah Dhanraj as Piya. Sass and attitude come naturally to actors Aliyah Hassan, Rickeita Leitch, and Shania Persaud who are also part of the main cast. Surprises come packaged in all ages, but those you have to go and find out.
Acclaimed as witty, pertinent, artistic, magically creative and strongly presented, Naya Zamana – Zindagi Express is definitely something to go and watch with family, friends and even your significant other. It is absolutely a not-to-be-miss cultural experience for tourists or visitors to Guyana. This production has been staged in New York to almost sold out audiences and has gotten acclaim from critics. With Valentine’s Day approaching, tickets to the hottest theatrical production with dinner are sure to win you praise from your significant other.
It’s a noteworthy production for study in schools that are offering theatre arts/ drama/English, we encourage schools to call and reserve tickets.
Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Naya Zamana – Zindagi Express will be staged at the National Cultural Centre on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 8:00pm.
Tickets are widely available at the National Cultural Centre; Dharmic Kendra, Prashad Nagar; Red Mango, Robb Street,;E-Networks Camp Street and Giftland Mall; M&M Snackette, EBD; Unique Innovations, Giftland Mall and The Murti Shop, WCD. To reserve tickets – call 227-6181 or 219-1900.