New Amsterdam Hospital gets new CEO

New Amsterdam Hospital has a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as several requests are being made to improve facilities and the services provided at that institution. This was announced by Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) Chairman David Armogan.
Dr Bob A. D. Ramnauth is the new CEO of the New Amsterdam Hospital replacing Michael Khan. The media was officially informed of this development by Armogan.
The chairman since Dr Ramnauth has taken up the new position several interventional are being made aimed at improving the services. Dr Bob will also have the responsibility of overlooking the Skeldon Hospital.
“He has identified quite a number of things that has to be done at both these hospitals in terms of bringing improved services to our people.”
He explained that some of the issues focus on the dentistry department. According to Armogan residents on the Corentyne raised those issues with hi saying that the dentist at the Skeldon Hospital had only been operating at that institution for a short period each day.

New CEO, Dr Bob A D Ramnauth

He also made mention of doctors who work in the public health system and have private practices.
“We will have to be able to move around doctors and give them a chance to operate at another level and at anther hospital. So, when we move doctors around it is not to victimize anybody but just to widen their experience. “
Among some of the recommendations made by the new CEO also include a new portable X-ray and the doors to the mortuary to be fixed.
The mortuary doors, he explained have lost their hinges and pieces of wood are used to brace against the door to keep it closed.
“That is not good enough to have air coming out because the bodies that are there can sometimes go bad,” Armogan pointed out.
He noted that the CEO has pointed pot of the inconvenience and discomfort to remove patients from the ward to take them to the X-ray room. The portable X-ray at the New Amsterdam Hospital has not been working for some time.
“There are a number of things that Dr Bob has listed that is of great importance for both maternity and surgery as well as inpatient care. We are working towards procuring these things so that we can improve at both hospitals.”
Asked whether the issues with the dentistry department at the Skeldon Hospital, the portable X-ray at the New Amsterdam Hospital and the mortuary all went bad after the former CEO Michael Khan left, the Chairman replied in the negative.
“Some of these issues were not raised before. There were quite a number of things that were not available and the new doctor there feels are important and should be available to improve health care and that is why he is recommending all these things. Michael Khan use to be a very efficient CEO at the Georgetown Hospital… It is like a cricketer, you have your days and you make a lot of runs and then comes a time when you can function as a coach,” Armogan said.
He added that Khan will be functioning in another capacity in the Health Ministry.
Meanwhile, a new mortuary is to be opened at the National Psychiatric Hospital compound which will be a partnership between the CIOG and the government.
The CEO has also recommended that new ambulances should be at the New Amsterdam. Armogan said four new ambulances will be coming to the Region and two are to be repaired. The entire Region only has two functioning ambulances.