Olympic Day Open badminton tournament is a resounding success

The first two days of the Guyana Olympic Association Open Badminton Tournament has seen some thrilling performances from some of Guyana top and emerging players at the National Gymnasium.On Friday in the Men’s, Ladies’ & Mix Doubles Events; the first final in this tournament was played off with Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeating Ayanna Watson & Emelia Ramdhani: 21-7, 21-12.The Results on Day Two are; MEN DOUBLES SEMI-FINALS: Narayan Ramdhani & Jonathan Mangra defeated Ronald Yuen & Avinash Odit: 21-15, 21-18. Nicholas Ali teamed up with his Coach Gokarn Ramdhani had a trilling three setter to win against Darrell Carpenay & Marlon Chung: 13-21, 22-20, 21-13. LADIES DOUBLES SEMI-FINALS:Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeated Ayanna Watson & Emelia Ramdhani:21-7, 21-12. MIX DOUBLES QUARTER-FINAL:Cecil Abrams & Kara Abrams defeated Gokarn Ramdhani & Emelia Ramdhani: 21-12,19-21,21-16. MIX DOUBLES SEMI-FINALS:Narayan Ramdhani & Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Darrell Carpenay & Ayanna Watson: 21-5, 21-12.
Meanwhile on Thursday; MEN DOUBLES QUARTER-FINALS:
Ronald Chang Yuen & Avinash Odit defeated William Holder & Haymant Ramdhani: 21-16, 21-16. Narayan Ramdhani & Jonathan Mangra defeated Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj: 21-5, 21-1. Darrell Carpenay & Marlon Chung defeated Dr. Harry Gorle & Nandha Kishore: 21-11, 21-8. Gokarn Ramdhani & Nicholas Ali defeated Cecil Abrams & Fardeen Alli: 21-9, 21-9
MEN DOUBLES ROUND 1: Dr. Harry Gorle& Nandha Kishore defeated P.Ramnarayan & Armand Ramdhani: 21-3, 21-15. Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeated Tyreese Richards & Jamaal Humphrey:21-5,21-9. LADIES DOUBLES SEMI-FINALS:
Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeated Kara Abrams & Wonita Yang: 21-7, 21-8
Ayanna Watson & Emelia Ramdhani defeated Priyanka Shivnauth & Gabriella Pertab: 21-19, 19-21, 21-12 . MIX DOUBLES QUARTER-FINAL:Jonathan Mangra & Ambika Ramraj defeated William Holder & Angelica Holder: 21-15, 17-21, 21-14. Darrell Carpenay & Ayana Watson defeated Fardeen Alli & Priyanka Shivnauth: 21-8, 21-6
The Tournament is scheduled to continue tomorrow at the National Gymnasium from 17::30 Hrs to 19:00 Hrs. Matches to be played are: Doubles Finals: Narayan Ramdhani & Jonathan Mangra Vs. Gokarn Ramdhani & Nicholas Ali. Mix Doubles Semis: Jonathan Mangra & Ambika Ramraj Vs. Cecil Abrams & Kara Abrams and the winner will play Narayan Ramdhani & Priyanna Ramdhani in the Finals.
The GBA would like to invite all to see the Finals. The tournament is one being held in observance of Olympic Day this year. Olympic Day worldwide is observed each year on June 23 and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) celebrate the occasion on the Sunday closest to that day.
Olympic day is the only annual worldwide event of the Olympic Movement. The majority of the NOCs on the five (5) Continents take advantage of this occasion to share the Olympic spirit with people of all ages and from all walks of life.