Over 200,000 persons visited Guyana for 2019

For the year so far, over 200,000 persons have visited Guyana, with the majority coming from the Caribbean.
The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has announced that for January to October 2019, there were 255,779 visitors when compared to October 2018, which had 234,350.
According to the data provided by the GTA, the majority of the people visiting Guyana came from the Caribbean.
In fact, 125,107 persons from the Caribbean visited Guyana so far this year. This is followed by the United States, where 79,370 persons visited.
Over 17,000 persons visited from Canada, over 11,000 from Europe, and over 14,000 from South and Central America.
From the Caribbean, the majority of the visitors came from Cuba. In fact, 6137 visited from Cuba, followed by 2880 from Haiti, 2146 from Trinidad and Tobago, and 1149 from Suriname.